A Beginner’s Guide to Bulking Up

Bulk Up Fast and Easy!

There is no shortcut to success, even to bodybuilding and bulking up. If you’re skinny and want to be one of the ‘big guys,’ then you might be looking for a downright clear set of list, guides and tips to start bright and right and to avoid wasting your effort and time and to save yourself from frustrations in the end when you don’t get the results you are aiming for. Today, we’re featuring a blog to cover some of the most essential, if not complete, bodybuilding guide for beginners like you. Read on and learn what to expect, what to prepare and what to do for excellent, satisfying outcomes.

Bulk Up With Hammer Strength

Bulk Up With Hammer Strength

“Bulking up requires mental and physical determination and discipline,” and setting a goal is an integral part of your success. However, it does not mean setting up high, unrealistic expectations, but it means you will progress by working out with a particular goal in mind, something more satisfying rather than not reaching a goal far beyond within your ability.

What to Know Before Training and Bulking Up:

You don’t just decide to bodybuilding and start lifting weights for hours because that’s non-sense. Before heading out and hitting the nearest gym, stop and think for a while. Check out these pointers to determine if you are capable and ready to build muscles now.

Go and see your doctor to assess your current physical condition, as he’s the only authority to assess whether you are physically fit or not to train. Then, learn how to build muscles effectively and safely to be on the right track. Next thing is to find out the reasons you want to train, such as to improve power, enhance physical appearance, develop muscle balance and coordination and improve overall fitness or all of them. Finally, list down the things you need to meet your goals.

How to Select an Exercise Program

It should be according to your physical abilities and personal goals and needs. By saying that means, selecting an exercise should be based on injury history, body structure and experience.  Make sure you know ways to exercise correctly to avoid pain. For beginners, experts advise you start with basic routines, including pull-ups, push-ups and squats or doing short but high intensity workouts for a sense of accomplishment each time.

Bodybuilding focuses on main muscle groups, including the chest, back, abs, calves, biceps, hamstrings, quadriceps, traps, forearms and triceps.

Basic Exercise Suggestions for Bulking Up:

  • Upper body- bench press, barbell row and military press
  • Core- deadlift, decline sit up
  • Lower body- back squat for the core, legs and glutes, lunges and power clean

What Common Weightlifting Mistakes to Avoid when Bulking Up:

Avoid using too much weight, but start low before increasing weight as you eventually build strength. Watch out if you were swinging the weight or using momentum when lifting- they indicate you are using too much weight. Another thing is moving through repetitions too fast because you will gain nothing doing it. Instead, lift weights in a controlled and slow manner. Performing it this way can reduce tissue trauma. If you have not lifted for a long time, then you should be careful of what you ask your joints and muscles in order to avoid injury.

How to Structure a Diet:

If you want to gain muscle fast, you shouldn’t just focus on weightlifting and exercise, but also work on an effective meal planning. The word “plan” itself reveals to prepare a meal plan ahead and not on the spot. Actually, it is not complicated to prepare a bodybuilding meal plan, wherein you can just add snacks in between breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacks can supply muscles with nutrients, more importantly with protein, one of the most important of all when it comes to weightlifting.

Every two or three hours, consume protein-rich food, such as eggs, tuna or whey shake. When it comes to carbohydrates, you should focus on adding more at breakfast and after a training session. Now for fat, it is not true that you should forgo it all; in fact, you need them to supply your body with energy throughout the day, and you can get it from sources, including butter, almonds, nuts, cheese and milk. In addition, you should not forget to eat fruits and vegetables, which you can combine with protein shakes for a variety.  To sum it up in this section, add a variety to your meals and eat at least six times a day.

For bodybuilders, the most important meal of the day is post-workout, when your entire body is depleted with protein, amino acids and other essential nutrients. You should replace lost nutrients to avoid suffering from muscle breakdown or catabolism but promote muscle re-growth and healing or anabolism and protein synthesis.

One thing to remember is to consume fast-digesting carbohydrates or simple carbohydrates from sources such as white rice, white bread, cereal, pasta and potatoes. Based on a study published by the Journal of Strength Conditioning Research, consuming carbohydrates after working out can speed up recovery that will lead to muscle growth. Chris Carmichael, an endurance coach, advised that one must consume 0.75 gram of it per pound of your body weight within 15 to 30 minutes after training.

Finally, all of these things can only help you succeed if you wear the right ATTITUDE. Perhaps, bodybuilding is not all about lifting weights or growing muscles. It does not make sense if you would keep on missing training sessions every week, but what you need is hard work to succeed, as there are no easy ways to bulk up and keep muscles in a great form without you staying consistent. You should know that excuses are not welcomed, so do your work to achieve your goals and become satisfied with the results to get. Finally, listen to and master your body, so you can find out what works and what not works as well as when it is telling you about pain or stress.

Do you have bodybuilding tips to share? Feel free to write us and we’ll be glad to include them in the next featured blog.

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