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Founded in 1999, the FreeMotion Company was conceptualized based on correct human biomechanics and superior technology. It made way to the invention of machines that can move as the body does in real life. Therefore, users can depend on smooth and fluid movements for effective and stress-free workouts in order that they can get the best from it. In December of 2000, the company was acquired b ICON Health and Fitness, and from then on, it became its commercial division. Because they are a wholly owned subsidiary, they are a globally connected fitness company that still has its independent operations, development, research and sales and marketing.

In 1977, ICON was established and was then the largest maker of fitness machines with the mission and vision of revolutionizing the health and fitness industry with superior quality training products. In order that they could achieve it, they keep 21,000 square feet of facility for developing prototype equipment and 140,000 square feet ISO manufacturing capacity committed only to manufacturing FreeMotion Fitness products.

FreeMotion Gym Equipment

FreeMotion Gym Equipment

FreeMotion is a subsidiary of ICON Health and Fitness that is focused on keeping its reputation of making unparalleled and comprehensive fitness machines. Being one of the leaders in development of advanced machines, FreeMotion was the first in combining functional strength training products. More so, the company is able to come up with a complete cardio line that has changed the fitness industry with its first workout machine to integrate Workout TV for with the machine’s console.

On the other hand, their EPIC line features an ergonomic design and the first ever in its category design that enhanced the old method of strength training. Known for creating advanced fitness products, FreeMotion came up with a complete line of training machines composed of the EPIC Strength Selectorized and Cardio as well as the FreeMotion Cardio and Selectorized. Currently, their products are distributed locally through direct sales and internationally through distributors.

For plate-loaded systems, they have designed and created a wide range of products, such as plate-loaded chest, plate-loaded row and plate-loaded shoulder, and for the Commercial Series, they have designed and constructed the chest shoulder, ab-bicep and quad ham. In addition to their growing line of quality strength machines, they offer chest, low pull, dead lift, shoulder, hamstring and quad. For those who wish to train using free weights, FreeMotion has in store the Epic Smith Machine, Epic Plate Loaded Squat and Epic Preacher Curl. They also offer light commercial series machines, such as the EXT Dual Cable Cross.

To those serious to burn calories and lose weight as well as improve metabolism and overall health, FreeMotion offers ellipticals, treadmills and indoor cycling bikes. FreeMotion, on their cardio trainers, are known for incredible comfort but maximum results. If you are looking to outfit your center with the best cardio machines, you don’t need to think twice but choose FreeMotion products because they are packed with great features that your customers will surely love. Training with these machines, users can increase energy and endurance, improve balance and flexibility, develop lean muscle mass, improve physical and sports performance and lessen body fat.

Home fitness enthusiasts, on the other hand, can rely on the indoor cycling bikes that FreeMotion offers. One of the perfect examples is the S11.9 bikes that feature a quick stop break, comfortable seat, magnetic resistance, aluminum frame, dual-side pedals and carbon drive system.  Because many of FreeMotion indoor bikes offer smooth feel, trainees will never feel the same of cardio training again. They can work out at the pace and speed they want, but still harvest the optimum benefits of cycling, such as improved endurance and stamina and enhanced physical performance, especially for professional cyclists preparing for a sports competition.

Based on the company’s FAQ page, FreeMotion was conceptualized through research and studies of human kinesiology or motion, which involves pulling, rotating, pushing, stepping, bending, stepping and balancing. With this goal, FreeMotion is able to allow users in defining their own movements based on their goals and needs. Therefore, exercisers from all levels can depend on the FreeMotion machines to accommodate every motion pattern needed by every body type.

FreeMotion was designed and created for helping people increase their performance in sport or daily activities through adding variable weight resistance in movement patterns done. In the process, they can train specific muscle effectively for enhancing their activity. That not only these machines are effective in specific muscle training, but also they are also safe to use by all types of users, including seniors and novice trainees. The company recognizes that if a training unit will prevent natural joint movements, there will be stress in the joints nearby. With FreeMotion machines, users are allowed to move their body naturally based on their joints, limb length and ability.

One of the unique characteristics of FreeMotion to mention is that many of them are equipped with the swivel pulley system that lets users to move in multi-joint and multi-planar patterns due to its ability to articulate that can follow the cable’s movement pattern created by the user. Therefore, they can target specific muscles when working out and then recruit all the necessary muscles in balancing and stabilizing the body when moving.

Nevertheless, FreeMotion is one of those respectable brands that are able to combine superior technology and user ease. With their machines in your gym, sports clinic, rehabilitation center, university athlete center and corporate wellness facility, you can increase your membership base and grow customer loyalty for providing them with high quality machines that adjust to their body movements for effective but in the least stressful manner.

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