Nautilus Equipment

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Nautilus is a brand of innovation, quality and performance with its unmatched and top-performing fitness machines that are able to mimic real muscle movements. It started making history in 1948 when its inventor and founder exercise physiologist Arthur Jones began doubting about barbells used in free weights, wherein he had questioned their efficiency in delivering performance and results. From that time, he developed and improved the limitations of the barbell and created the torso pullover machine that worked the latissimus dorsi and the upper abdominals. Later in 1970, Jones released it for public use. In 1975, Dr. Michael O’Shea opened his New York based fitness facility, where some known trainees included Martina Navratilova, Billie Jean King and John McEnroe and furnished it with Jones’ training machine.

Nautilus Equipment

Nautilus Equipment

One unique selling point of the Nautilus training systems is that they possess adjustable and movable parts made aligned with the working joint of the body involved in the movement. These training systems feature a resistance axis of the joint that is in line with the center, called the resistance cam. As the company designed and developed innovative training pieces, they ventured into aerobic training and later on introduced the ‘Mobia’ that had perfectly combined an elliptical’s circular movements, stair climber’s stepping movements and a treadmill’s walking feature. It came out with a strap for monitoring the heart rate as well as a specialized plan of nutrition. Some of the unique characteristics of Nautilus machines are that they are able to allow rotary movements impossible through a barbell and that they can offer muscle resistance in both the contraction’s eccentric and concentric phases.

Over the years, the company commits to helping novice to veteran trainees in meeting their fitness goals. From a single machine made by Arthur Jones, the company has grown its line of cardio and strength lines that come with a diverse set of designs and purposes for specific muscle training. They expanded and developed machines in their Bowflex, Schwinn and Universal that all target to deliver quality fitness solutions for meeting the demands of every trainee at any level. They sell their fitness products to both direct and retail channels to their consumers located around the world.

Bowflex is a Nautilus brand appreciated and recognized by the millions as one of the most innovative fitness solutions for residential and multi home gyms for more than two decades. They also carry Schwinn Fitness, a legendary brand in the bicycling world since 1965 as one of the most respected manufacturer in the recumbent and upright bikes category. Through the years, Schwinn Fitness has been offering a complete line of affordable and complete cardio training solutions integrated with excellent technology with its wide range of solutions that feature entertainment to keep exercisers motivated to pursue their training. For its training powerhouse, they offer the Universal known by champion athletes and bodybuilders worldwide.

Nautilus is the brand recognized by athletes, champions and beginners for significant reasons, and one of them is that these machines are able to simulate real muscle movements that allow comfortable and convenient training. Users from all levels can train in a carefree and easy way that allows them to achieve the results they are looking for. For example, their selectorized systems are designed and constructed to mimic real life action and allows the use of one or both arms in training, a feature beneficial to the injured and weakened trainees as well as using similar or different weights for each arm, delivering the smoothest converging and diverging of motion paths on select units. Because each machine also comes with adjustable loaded resistance, users can start using lower weight that their muscle can manage.

Individual, group or circuit training is possible with Nautilus, catering to varying user goals and demands for their machines that provide smooth workouts all the time. Even seniors and rehabilitation patients have the option of choosing the correct Nautilus machine that matches their training goals and levels. Due to the correct motion paths offered, selectorized and plate-loaded systems from Nautilus do not give muscle stress but unprecedented performance to every user.  Each of the machines also has support features including padded support that can keep a user in place while working out as well as durable characteristics with their heavy-duty structural steel frame and tubing to provide consistent and smooth movements in a repeatable training environment.

The Nautilus line of plate-loaded and selectorized systems mimic real motion paths, so exercisers can move as their muscles do in real life and not adjusting to the machine’s movement. Through this process of training, athletes and non-athletes aiming to improve balance, strength, coordination posture and function can depend on these machines that work much better than free weights.

Because of the brand’s commitment to quality and durability, you can look forward to long-term investment, whether you are a startup or established gym owner. No matter what the goals of your members and what the demands of your corporate wellness, rehabilitation and medical, hotel and spa, university training center, Olympic facility and Cross Fit camp are, there is a Nautilus training advantage you can depend on.

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