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With its main mission of providing programs, solutions and products for molding lifelong habits for fitness and health, Star Trac leads the way for many sports clinics, corporate wellness, parks and recreations, medical and rehabilitation, Olympic facilities and home gyms worldwide. Its main vision is to increase the number of people who can develop an active and healthy lifestyle through overall fitness and health done by lowering the barriers but enhancing the results.

It was founded and established in 1979 by Michael Bruno and since then has been developing, designing and engineering fitness machines that focus on innovation and quality for meeting the demands and needs of their diverse clients who have each of their own fitness goals and muscle capacity. They offer a complete line of cardio, group training and strength machines and a complete array of workout options available at different price points in order to meet the demands of a fitness facility.

Star Trac Gym Equipment

Star Trac Gym Equipment

For its excellence and leadership, Star Trac has received numerous awards, such as the US Fitness Equipment Markets 2002 Product Quality Leadership Award, 2014 Steve Block Vendor of the Year and 2014 Gold’s Gym Vendor of the Year, among others. Most awards were based on customer satisfaction and how likely are they going to recommend Star Trac for future purchases.

Star Trac commits to keep on innovating and designing tailored workout options to their customers worldwide and to design and develop products that possess an intuitive navigation, an approachable design, unique aesthetics and motivational results.

More than four million exercisers located in 75 countries use Star Trac products for strength, weight loss, functional improvement, balance and coordination, posture and immunity through the brand’s complete line of cardio and strength systems. Beginners and serious athletes in bodybuilding will never feel the same in strength building due to the brand’s commitment to change cardio and strength through making it user focused. They always work towards tackling the progression of strength equipment that began with their focus in developing a fully integrated line that will assist beginners to advanced exercisers in meeting their fitness goals in the most effective and smoothest manner there is. They understand that customizing the solution is not only about creating machines with weight stacks and stabilizing functions but also about how businesses can attract new customers into their fitness and training center through effective fitness products that lead to motivating outcomes.

Being the leader in the fitness industry, Star Trac has introduced great innovations and patents in the fitness world, and in fact, the company has launched unique designs and patents, exclusive only to them. Some include the ‘Coach’ that is featured on the BoxMaster and Spinning that feature innovation and highest level of artisanship.  Through the years, their dedicated team continues to providing the highest level of service to customers worldwide. Therefore, lasting relationships are achieved and made possible, especially through the company’s consultative approach they do in helping businesses improve customer satisfaction and generate increased revenue by membership retention and growth.

Their products feature biomechanically correct and advanced designs that give emphasis to intuitive function and safety. With Star Trac, every exerciser can improve physical performance to gain strength. Product lines, including Strength, Instinct, Impact strength, and HumanSport are installed with the patented Lock N Load resistance selection system. In addition, they offer multi use products, such as the Leverage plate-loaded systems and individual training products, such as benches and racks. To date, Star Trac is offering more than 120 products and counting.

Due to an extensive research and studies on selectorized equipment, the company has developed selectorized systems with beauty and intuition for meeting the correct biomechanics and combining the most important aspects in order to develop and create motivational and innovative strength systems with differentiated and unique aesthetics and approachable and inviting training platform. Most of their strength training lines come with easy adjustments and correct biomechanics so that they can encourage users to stay motivated in performing workouts. Overall, Star Trac’s selectorized machines are user focused so that your members can achieve their training goals in the shortest time as possible.

In terms of maximizing the function and the form of the human body, they offer functional training products known for their graceful and smooth movements that adjust to the body’s natural movements. Each of the functional training systems is designed and created to possess the human body mechanics in order that users achieve fluid movements they cannot get from other machines. One example is the BoxMaster product working to simulate boxing training exercises that will impress your customers because it is able to integrate the boxing style of conditioning. Then for the HumanSport line, they offer selectorized products, including total delts, pull lift, arm crunch, lat pulley and shoulder press.

For multi stations, they offer several training units that are able to save space for your other machines but are able to give total workout solutions and experience to users who may want to train simultaneously without compromising the results they get from multi station training. Overall, these systems do not take up much space but combine the essential elements needed for strength development.

Some products include the five-station, nine-station, 14-station and cable crossover machines. They also offer plate-loaded systems that work in the safest and most convenient way possible without intimidating newbie bodybuilders who want to build strength and to condition for a sports competition or event or improve function in order to prevent injuries related to sports. Star Trac proves itself excellent in building the best plate-loaded systems, including the Hack Squat and Leg Press and their lines, including the Lower Body and the LEVERAGE.

For athletes and exercisers who want to engage in free weight training aside from selectorized movements, Star Trac offers a wide range of free weight benches and racks, including free weight racks, benches and stations. All these products are conceptualized and constructed to give trainees an opportunity to perform better at the pace and speed they desire based on fitness goals and muscle ability.

Headquartered in Vancouver, WA, the company is an international distributor of commercial and home fitness equipment with its manufacturing site in Xiamen, China and offices in Munich, Barcelona, United Kingdom and California.

The Used Gym Equipment Company is here to answer your questions and inquiries about the right Star Trac products to suit your and your members’ needs. We offer you every used Star Trac product you would ever need, as we have more than a thousand of used Star Trac selectorized, functional training, plate-loaded, benches and racks and multi gyms in our warehouse.

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