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Nerio Alessandri founded TechnoGym now with more than 2,000 employees and 14 branches worldwide, including those in the United States, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia in 1983. The company is a world leader in terms of fitness equipment design and caters to multiple client types, including spas, hotels, corporate gyms, rehabilitation centers, professional sports facilities and universities as well as busy home gyms.

Founder and President Alessandri worked and created his first fitness machine in his garage when he was only 22 years old back in 1983. Today, TechnoGym is serving more than 65,000 fitness and wellness centers and 100,000 residential fitness facilities around the world.

TechnoGym Equipment

TechnoGym Equipment

For more than 25 years, the company has worked and ventured in spreading the culture and passion for good health and shape, so they call themselves “The Wellness Company.” TechnoGym’s vision and commitment is to promote overall health and lifestyle made possible through a balanced diet, physical activities and a positive life outlook.  They have been the leading fitness company for more than two decades offering a total wellness solution to its diverse clients worldwide.

TechnoGym serves a vast range of clientele. To date, their products have been used in 100 countries by over 35 million exercisers. Because their fitness products offer effective and safe exercises, TechnoGym is present in more than 30,000 public authorities and clubs. It offers customized solutions, as they recognize the significance of offering tailor made workout options to users with varying workout needs and fitness goals. With their commitment to help every facility owner succeed in the industry, TechnoGym becomes the bridge that helps businesses attract new customers and create motivation and loyalty among them.

In addition, TechnoGym assists joint-capital organizations and public authorities by helping them with the tools they need for fighting poor lifestyle so that they can promote movement as well as that they can measure how effective these tools are in terms of preventing diseases in the community. More so, TechnoGym is in more than 10,000 medical centers and rehabilitation facilities that advocate in physical exercises, recovery, activities and lifestyle by offering them with personalized solutions for the prevention or treatment of the main orthopedic, cardio respiratory and metabolic diseases as well as those related to aging. They also help in sports medicine by developing, testing and implementing recovery and therapy programs as well as offer industry professionals with important tools in therapy management.

Today, TechnoGym is found in 10,000 cruises, spas and resorts, 6,000 corporate wellness, 2,000 sports associations, 3,000 schools and universities, 4,000 armed forces and 100,000 multi homes and residential fitness rooms.

For home training rooms, TechnoGym offers the most prestigious and high quality machines that combine superior technology, design and safety, so those who want to exercise in the comfort of their space can train using the customized solutions and programs they need, including remote training services via phone, the Internet and directly at home; thus, improving personal workout experience. In fact, workouts can travel with customers through their PC, tablet or phone so that they can monitor progress anytime.

TechnoGym offers a complete training solution ranging from treadmills, plate-loaded, selectorized, exercise bikes, elliptical and cross trainers, wellness balls, functional training machines, multi gyms and wellness tools. They offer a wide range of lines, including Forma, MED, Inclusive, Personal and Excite for treadmills that are designed and constructed with correct human biomechanics for simulating smooth body movements with less impact on the knees and the joints. They also offer group-cycling bikes that allow trainers to work out like a pro to help them stay fit and improve sports performance and that come with a unique design and correct fit in terms of detail and quality. These and more are some of their cardio lines for an improved wellness and health, and they all feature high quality design and materials, easy movement and adjustment, customizable, total training solutions and motivating and challenging workouts. If you want to keep fit and stay active, you can choose from our vast selection of quality ellipticals, treadmills and bikes by TechnoGym.

For multi gyms, Technogym offers a complete line composed of machines in the Unica, Practa, and Multi Power Lines, among others. TechnoGym also released Olympic half racks, multi power equipment, free weights, dual adjustable pulley and core exercise equipment, to name some. For serious muscle training, you can choose from their Pure Strength plate-loaded systems, including those for working the chest, legs and shoulders, among others, or their selectorized pieces, including those for accommodating the upper, middle and lower body training.

Beginners to advanced users have their wide range of options in selectorized training their muscles because products have easy adjustments for selecting lower or higher weight depending on their muscle capacity and fitness goals. They can also select from a wide range of gym benches offered, and some of these include the inclined bench, crunch bench, adjustable bench, lower backbench, horizontal bench and Olympic flat bench.

Due to TechnoGym’s commitment to design and quality, it has received the prestigious Red Dot Award 2014 for its OMNIA Functional Training Solution and ARTIS Cardio, Strength and Kinesis Station machines in Essen, Germany. It also won in the ISPO Award for Product of the Year 2014 with its Google Glass controlled treadmill.

TechnoGym’s passion and commitment to excellence and ease of use has taken them to the next level of performance, making them stay on top of the competition with innovative and effective systems for improved quality of life and mental and physical well-being. All of these are made possible by encouraging more people to engage in physical activities, good habits and balanced diet in order to prevent diseases due to sedentary life choices. For over 25 years and counting, TechnoGym continues leading the way to wellness and keeps on designing and developing fitness products with future concepts for today’s use. Wellness is their main vision and social commitment is part of it. They envision bringing the healthy change in the society for improving the people’s lives through exercise.

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