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Dumbbells and Free Weights For Sale

At Used Gym Equipment, we understand all too well that the cost of raw materials is constantly rising, and this includes the cost of dumbbells and other free weights. As a gym owner, you want to provide a quality fitness experience for your members while making sure you are running a financially viable business.



This is why we now carry a line of in-house urethane dumbbells. Made of solid steel with a comfortable ergonomic design, our dumbbells are some of the most compact on the market. The 32mm handles are made of solid steel and have a hard chrome finish, which is flake proof and peel proof. The urethane weights are odor free and are designed to protect your floors and gym equipment from damage. The handles are press fit completely through the steel slug and subsequently welded on the outer portion, making our dumbbells maintenance free. Coupled with some plate loaded or selectorized strength, and you’ve got an amazing gym.

Used Gym Equipment can make dumbbells a signature part of your clients’ experience at your gym. We provide engraving and logo placement on our dumbbells to personalize the look. In addition, we also have racks available for easy and attractive storage of dumbbells in your facility. Ask one of our sales representatives about these high quality and well priced packages. That means you can afford more amazing Life Fitness Treadmills. 

Some of our most popular custom designs include custom logos and engravings. These can really make a gym stand out. As any branding expert will tell you, the most important thing about establishing a thriving business is telling the story of the brand. Your potential clients have many options to choose from. It’s important that you establish yourself and create an identity. And branding images and logos can really help. It’s the subtle touches, in fact, that most often effect people. So logos on things thing dumbbells and free weights can go a long way toward making your business thrive!

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