Body Masters MD Adduction

Body Masters MD Adduction For Sale

If you’re establishing a new gym or simply wanting to add a few more equipment in your center, then never miss out the used Body Masters MD Adduction for sale, which comes with the features and functions you are looking for in furnishing your facility, whether it is a corporate training center, recreation facility or Olympic training center with high quality machines. At Used Gym Equipment, you will get it at low, low prices you won’t find elsewhere, and yet, you will get innovative and high quality training equipment that you and your members can depend on.

Features of the Body Masters MD Adduction For Sale

A used Body Masters MD Adduction for sale is solidly built for lasting use in a self-serve or supervised training center, Cross Fit camp, hotel or spa, university athletic department, Olympic training facility or home fitness room. Apart from its compact construction, the reconditioned Body Masters MD Adduction for sale is built with 11-gauge steel tubing and framing for consistent and heavy-duty use, something that your members will appreciate of it for supplying them with consistent movements all the time without any stress.

This unit also comes with adjustable weight settings, so users can opt for an ideal loaded weight their muscle can accommodate, while achieving their fitness goals, no matter what they are. A remanufactured Body Masters MD Adduction for sale also includes a self-lubricating cable and pulley system for quiet, smooth operation and has padded seat and back support for keeping a user in alignment with the machine, while being in control and in balance.

Technical Specifications of the Body Masters MD Adduction For Sale

Supplying users with consistent and efficient adduction movements each time, this reconditioned Body Masters MD Adduction for sale trains them effectively, and for a reason. Aside from its ergonomic appearance, design and built, Body Masters also made it long lasting for heavy-duty use in any fitness facility. Some of its remarkable components and parts are its smoothly-operating cable and pulley system, integral linear bearings, solid 11-gauge steel frame and tubes, upholstered support for the back, head, seat and legs. It also comes with transport wheels for easy maneuvering in your facility as well as with wear guards for protecting its surface from wear and scratch and with visible weight markers on its loaded stack and increment system for easy identification and selection.

Exercises to Do with the Body Masters MD Adduction For Sale

Hip adduction movement performed on the refurbished Body Masters MD Adduction for sale is a compound movement that suits even beginners and that works the upper leg group, composed of the hip adductors for functional fitness that helps users in conditioning their legs for movements,‌ including standing, running or walking. It is a consistent machine providing safe training surroundings unaffected by body English or momentum. Regardless of training goals, including building strength or improving functional fitness of the adductors, this refurbished Body Masters MD Adduction for sale may be the effective choice. Users are advised to keep movements in a slow and well-controlled manner for workout efficiency and to choose a lower starting weight, as they begin and increase as they progress.

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