Cybex Calf

Cybex Calf For Sale

When it comes to calf training, no other brand comes close to Cybex for its Cybex Calf for sale that functions to promote symmetric strength development and that provides faster fitness results to users of all levels. The reason behind is that the brand was able to combine superior technology and human biomechanics in one single machine that is able to mimic real muscle movement used in daily or sports activities.

Cybex Calf

Cybex Calf

Features of the Cybex Calf For Sale:

This reconditioned Cybex Calf for sale presents itself as a unique 60-degree calf raise unit that works to train the calves in the most efficient manner with its 100 percent enclosed linear bearing system and hip-loading system for protecting the lower back when training. It also comes with 9.5 inches of weight horns for accommodating 6 x 45-pound weight plates on each side and a 60-degree angle for providing an effective 87 percent loading. For workout stability, this refurbished Cybex Calf for sale comes with a large foot platform for allowing various foot placement and nonskid surface for supporting the entire motion range.

Technical Specifications of the Cybex Calf For Sale:

A refurbished Cybex Calf for sale measures 61 x 30 x 51 inches and weighs 180 pounds or 82 kilograms. To enhance its integrity, a reconditioned Cybex Calf for sale comes with a solid and welded steel frame, bent-steel tubing, seat back, integral bearing system, dual handgrips and rubber feet.

Exercises to Do with the Cybex Calf For Sale:

Calf raises work the calves and the soleus muscles on this used Cybex Calf for sale.  For workout safety and stability, users are advised to start using lower resistance weight, to perform in a controlled and slow manner and to keep the back straight. Routines, performed through pushing, isolate the calves from the rest of the body for a more effective and focused workout even for beginners and average users of this used Cybex Calf for sale.

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