Cybex Eagle Circuit

Refurbished Cybex Eagle Circuit  For Sale

TheCybex Eagle Circuit is a popular part of the Cybex Selectorized  Strength line. It brings superior quality, dependability and functional performance to satisfy any gym clientele.

Starting with science, the Cybex Eagle circuit possesses dual axis technology. This allows the user the ability to move through multiple patterns of movement, engaging the muscle group at multiple angles and creating maximum results through ever changing muscle stimulus.  Your members will achieve both fitness and body aesthetic results. The cam system aligns with each user’s body to create varied resistance to match their individual strength. The Range Limiting device gives each person the ability to use the machine to their own range of motion while maintaining proper biomechanical alignment.

Cybex Eagle Circuit

Cybex Eagle Circuit

Ease of use and comfort are both important aspects of the Cybex Eagle circuit, creating a much more enjoyable experience for the gym enthusiast. The Gas Action Spring adjustments make for smooth and effortless seat positioning in addition to molded padding, delivering comfort and stability throughout any exercise movement. The Twist Select Increment Weight System permits the ability to add 2.5 kg/5 pound increments to each weight stack, allowing the member the capability of a safe workout while still progressing in their own strength and conditioning. When coupled with excellent Cybex cardio, it makes for an amazing health club.

Styling of  Cybex Eagle is easy on the eyes. With its contoured pads and solid, elegant design the line has a beautiful and well made look, ideal for any size gym. It also has a beautiful, custom mold, which produces a nice metallic sheen. Our refurbished Cybex Eagle Circuits are always known for style and grace of movement, thanks to the impeccable design. Finally, thanks to beautiful double stitching, the upholstery can take a great deal of wear and tear.  It’s no doubt one of the finest selectorized strength circuits we sell.

No matter what your goals are, whether to enhance sports performance, improve the look of your body, or create greater health and fitness, the Cybex Eagle circuit will meet and exceed any exercise customer’s greatest expectations.

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