Cybex Scott Curl

Cybex Scott Curl For Sale

A part of the Cybex free weight training products, the Cybex Scott Curl looks and feels good because it provides users with the assistance they need in training with its rugged built and astounding design. Without taking up much gym floor space, the Cybex Scott Curl is the go-to machine for every owner looking to furnish his center with space-saving yet full-packed curl machine used on free weights. Check out below for more about the reconditioned Cybex Scott Curl.

Cybex Scott Curl

Cybex Scott Curl

Features of the Cybex Scott Curl For Sale:

Constructed for ease of use, the reconditioned Cybex Scott Curl is the one selected by operators of recreation centers, sports clinics, Cross fit camps and rehabilitation centers because they want to give only the best Scott curl workouts to their members aiming to develop function or a sports skill using it. This used Cybex Scott Curl machine is part of the brand’s innovation, and it is something obvious with its ergonomic functions , such as its elbow pad that is angled at 55 degrees to allow varying resistance and to provide an improved comfort to users of all fitness levels and has a seat angled at 10 degrees for ultimate comfort.

Technical Specifications of the Cybex Scott Curl For Sale:

This refurbished Cybex Scott Curl measures 39 x 29 x 37 inches and weighs 96 pounds. For overall workout performance and safety, durable and quality components, including rubber feet, angled seat, back pad, solid and welded steel tubing, visible markers, warning decals, wear guards and upholstery are part of this unit.

Exercises to Do with the Cybex Scott Curl For Sale:

A used Cybex Scott Curl accommodates biceps curl that engages and works the brachialis, brachioradialis and biceps brachii and is ideal for fitness seekers, bodybuilders and athletes looking to train and to improve the appearance of their biceps for function or sports related purposes.

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