Cybex Sigma 530 C Exercise Bikes

Cybex Sigma 530 C Exercise Bikes For Sale

At the Used Gym Equipment factory, we have a big collection of Cybex Sigma 530 C Exercise Bikes for sale for our customers. Cybex Sigma 530C Bikes are compact, stationary upright bikes that will look great in your gym. This makes them a great option when looking for refurbished Cybex exercise bikes for sale. They offer multiple operational modes such as Constant Power Mode, Bike Mode, and Speed Control or the Isokinetic Mode. Cybex’s proprietary design for seats includes a groove that is shaped to provide comfort to users.

Cybex Sigma 530 C Exercise Bikes

Cybex Sigma 530 C Exercise Bikes

The Sigma 530 C features extra-wide pedals with straps that are flexible and easily adjustable. The handlebars are uniquely designed to adjust it to multiple positions to go with the riding style. For example, from upright to aero style. Contact heart rate grips on the handlebars allows you to maintain the right heart rate while exercising. The display panel is comfortably positioned in front and ensures the panel is appropriately spaced away from the user’s perspiration.

The wheels are positioned in front for customers to roll them easily. There are 11 programs available, namely Quick Start program, Manual Exercise program, three Fitness Exercise programs, three Bike program, and three Speed Controlled or Isokinetic Exercise programs. There are provisions for Heart Rate Control and Fitness Control in 530 C bikes. The Heart Rate monitoring is done in either the Contact mode or Polar mode. The Polar Heart Rate monitoring is wireless.

The resistance extent fixed for Cybex Sigma 530 C bikes ranges from 15 Watts to 900 Watts. Its brake system operates on Eddy current. It also provides extra utilities such as a water bottle holder, a rack for magazines, and a utility plate. It allows for a maximum weight of 136 Kgs to ensure you have a safe exercising regimen.

The dimensions of the 530C Exercise bikes are 736 mm (length) by 1422 mm (height) by 584 mm (width) and it weighs 84 Kgs. It is space-efficient and is affordable when compared to most equipments in the same genre among other brands.

The presence of Cybex Sigma 530C Bikes in your gym and health club is sure to boost positive energy. New arrivals at a gym mean a lot to customers and visitors alike. Buy the Cybex Sigma Exercise 530C Bikes from our re-manufactured Used Gym Equipment factory and enjoy the benefits of installing them in your health center!

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