Cybex Sigma 530 R Exercise Bikes

Cybex Sigma 530 R Exercise Bikes For Sale

Used Gym factory is the ultimate destination if you want to buy the Cybex Sigma 530 R Exercise bike for your gym. We have an impressive collection of pre-owned and re-manufactured Cybex Sigma 530R bikes for sale at affordable prices.

Users will enjoy the comfort of its extra-wide pedals with straps for easy adjustment to fit any foot size. Wheels provided in the front allow for easy rolling. The seat is  designed after the chimney-style with a vented back and seat to provide extra comfort for customers. The ergonomically designed seat is a proprietary and signature design of Cybex. Provision of grab handles in the handlebar, below the display panel, help in sensing the heart rate of the user. It can be viewed in the Visual display Pane, placed right in front of the user. The seat-mounted handlebars add extra comfort.

Cybex Sigma 530 R Exercise Bikes

Cybex Sigma 530 R Exercise Bikes

As some of the best refurbished Cybex Bikes for sale — the Cybex Sigma 530 R bikes are specially designed to operate at three different modes – 1. Constant Power Mode, 2. Bike Mode, and 3. Speed Control or Isokinetic Mode. There are also options for a Personal Entertainment Monitor.

The resistance range of the Sigma 530 R Exercise Bikes rages from 15 Watt to 900 Watt. It is self-powered and has an optional AC adapter for a full-time display. The brake system works on Eddy Current and has a brushless generator ,fixed internally, to provide a high-power,low-drag capability. The crank is a 165 mm, three-piece type that is well-suited for heavy-duty mountain rides. The drive allows for Double step-up with idlers that have self-tensioning capability, which results in low mechanical drag and low maintenance needs.

The Cybex Sigma 530 R Bikes support weight up to 181 Kgs. The size is 1473 mm (length) by 1193 mm (height) by 635 mm (W). Water bottle holder, a rack for magazines, and a utility tray are other additional utilitarian features that users will appreciate.

With just a few Cybex Sigma 530 R Exercise Bikes on display in your gym or health center, you can reach customers without the cost of advertisements or other marketing strategies. News will  spread by word of mouth from your existing loyal customers to potential ones. You will see more and more fitness-conscious people walking into your gym or health club everyday to enjoy using the Sigma 530 R!


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