Cybex Strength Package

Cybex Strength Package – $17,495

This As-Is Cybex Strength Package is in wonderful condition and is ready to ship immediately! In fetching white powder coat with red upholstery this strength package will make a great addition to any gym!


Selectorized Upper Body

  • Cybex Modular Assisted Chin Dip
  • Cybex Modular Low Row
  • Cybex VR Biceps Curl
  • Cybex VR Chest Press
  • Cybex VR Lat Pulldown
  • Cybex VR Pec Fly
  • Cybex VR Shoulder Press
  • Cybex VR Triceps Extension
  • Cybex VR Lat Raise
  • Cybex Adjustable Cable Crossover


Selectorized Trunk

  • Cybex VR Abdominal
  • Cybex VR Back Extension


Selectorized Lower Body

  • Cybex Eagle Abduction/Adduction
  • Cybex VR Leg Extension
  • Cybex VR Prone Leg Curl


Plate Loaded & Benches

  • Cybex Seated Calf Raise
  • Cybex 90 Degree Tricep Seat
  • Cybex Adjustable Bench x 2
  • Cybex Decline Adjustable Bench
  • Cybex Seated Preacher Curl Bench
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