Cybex VR Circuit

Cybex VR Circuit For Sale

A refurbished Cybex VR Circuit will provide comprehensive health and fitness for any gym enthusiast, including athletes, women, footballers and anybody who’s a big fan of physical medication. Not only that, the used Cybex VR Circuit machine serves to ease the budget for anybody willing to start up a gym facility without leaving a dent on your wallet.

Cybex VR Circuit

Cybex VR Circuit

Before you buy any used Cybex, always make sure it’s a legal machine, fully certified with a GFI certificate. Our Cybex VR Circuit for sale is professionally approved under the industrial standard giving it a complete control of quality. The cables and belts are regularly inspected and repaired if worn out or showing any tiny weakness. For safety, we recommend the use of OEM spear parts and Kevlar belts. It’s normally reconditioned with powder coating and furnish from silica sand blasting machines. All the metal parts are run through the same house to ensure the final set is not only of top quality but also highly durable.

For steady motion, all the bearings, bushings and rods are thoroughly checked and replaced with the OEM and Japanese rods, bearings and bushings. Above all, they are lubricated for decal and aesthetic influence and appeal. Used Cybex VR circuit is also a selectorized machine with units, weight stack of 100-500 lbs. If you need an increment on this weight, it’s just selecting a pin that permits to allow a resistance option. This, therefore, caters for all gym users, beginners or experts. Interestingly, all cybex circuit records a progressive workout all through just in a single machine, making it a top notch strength circuit.

As always, it comes with an offer based on the Used Cybex Circuit Warranty found on several options; lifetime and limited workmanship warranty on upholstery.

Go ahead and grab for yourself a well-reconditioned Cybex VR Circuit now. You’ll have a good chance of achieving your desired results in all areas of functional training. From high intensity training to cross training, as well as losing weight, this machine offers it all.

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