Cybex VR3 Abduction

Cybex VR3 Abduction For Sale

The Cybex VR3 Abduction for sale is made to deliver just as how a hip abduction machine is supposed to and came to impress with a commercial strength-training machine that competes with other brands. This Cybex is complete with functional features, a striking appearance and a rigid built to last no matter how intense it is used in a fitness and health center, training facility, corporate gym or hotel, among others.

SE-CY-VR3-ABD-ProdThumbFeatures of the Cybex VR3 Abduction For Sale:

A used Cybex VR3 Abduction for sale can take all kinds of punishment with its heavy-duty make and can work well in any self-serve or supervised training facilities. It comes with a movement-based design that adjusts with the user due to the natural motion paths it offers that even beginners can make use of and has the Sit & Go feature that is easily adjusted during abduction training.

This refurbished Cybex VR3 Abduction for sale boasts its Glute-training function for firming the butt and has enhanced privacy feature with its forward weight stack, especially suitable for female users. The machine also comes with kneepads to help in reducing knee stress and has the dual feet positioning function to accommodating any user height while keeping the knees centered on the pad.

Technical Specifications of the Cybex VR3 Abduction For Sale:

This reconditioned Cybex VR3 Abduction for sale measures 56 x 27 x 64 inches and weighs 435 pounds or 135 kilograms (with standard stack), weighs 475 pounds or 216 kilograms (with heavy stack) and has 205 pounds or 93 kilograms of heavy stack.

Exercises to Do with the Cybex VR3 Abduction For Sale:

Users looking to train their hip abductors can make use of this used Cybex VR3 Abduction for sale that allows the most natural motion paths. Muscle groups trained include the tensor fasciae latae and the gluteal muscles, including the medius, minimus and maximus.

A refurbished Cybex VR3 Abduction for sale also helps tighten the iliotibial band and strengthen the hip abductors for better support, especially for the larger muscle groups, including the glutes, hamstrings and quads.

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