Cybex VR3 Black Chrome Gym Package

Cybex VR3 Black Chrome Gym Package

This beautiful gym package is in Black Chrome with gorgeous Wheat upholstery.

CONDITION: Remanufactured Cardio & Strength





  • Precor 956i Treadmills x 10
  • Precor 576i Experience Crosstrainers x 6
  • Precor 846i Experience Upright Bikes x 3
  • Precor 846i Experience Recumbent Bikes x 3


Selectorized – Upper Body

  • Cybex VR3 Chest Press
  • Cybex VR3 Pec Fly Rear Delt
  • Cybex VR3 Shoulder Press
  • Cybex VR3 Lat Raise
  • Cybex VR3 Biceps Curl
  • Cybex VR3 Seated Dip


Selectorized – Trunk

  • Cybex VR3 Abdominal
  • Cybex VR3 Back Extension
  • Cybex VR3 Torso Rotation


Selectorized – Lower Body

  • Cybex VR3 Abduction
  • Cybex VR3 Adduction
  • Cybex VR3 Leg Extension
  • Cybex VR3 Seated Leg Curl
  • Cybex VR3 Seated Leg Press


Plate Loaded – Upper Body

  • Cybex Converging Chest Press
  • Cybex Converging Shoulder Press


Plate Loaded – Lower Body

  • Cybex Seated Calf Raise
  • Cybex Smith Machine
  • EWP Signature Style 45-Degree Linear Leg Press


Racks & Cages

  • Cybex Olympic Plate Tree
  • Cybex Pro Style Double Tier 10 Pair Dumbbell Rack x 2
  • EWP Power Cage
  • 2 x EWP Barbell Racks



  • Cybex Bent Leg Abdominal Board
  • Cybex Decline Adjustable Bench
  • Cybex 90 Degree Triceps Seat
  • Cybex Seated Preacher Curl Bench
  • Cybex Newer Generation -10 to 80 Bench x 2
  • EWP Olympic Flat Bench w/ Weight Storage
  • EWP Olympic Incline Bench w/ Weight Storage
  • EWP Olympic Decline w/ Weight Storage



  • Cybex Modular 2 Stack Low Row / Assisted Chin Dip
  • EWP Dual Adjustable Pulley


Specialty Strength

  • Cybex Modular Adjustable Cable Crossover

All leasing terms subject to credit approval and can change without notice.

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