Cybex VR3 Circuit

Used Cybex VR3 Circuit For Sale

Whether it’s an in-home or a 100,000 square foot gym, the Cybex VR3 Strength Line brings the fitness consumer the highest standards of construction, function, and style. All in all, it’s probably the most popular Cybex Selectorized Strength circuit we sell.

The structure of the Cybex VR3 Strength Line has many features to enhance any exercise enthusiast’s experience. Safety is essential for any strength line and the Cybex VR3 Strength Line meets both ASTM and EN quality standards.  The adjustable foot braces on the Cybex VR3 Back Extension machine permits the ability of the user to stabilize their body and leverage force production through their back extensor muscles while performing the exercise. Non-absorbent grips help maintain proper hand placement, while Gas Assisted Seats make it effortless to manipulate your seat position, allowing the user to incorporate new angles of motion to stimulate improved conditioning and strength.

Cybex VR3 Circuit

Cybex VR3 Circuit

The Cybex VR3 Strength Line brings the ability to improve one’s functional strength. An adjustable Twist Selector permits the individual to advance their strength by 5 pound (2.5 kg) increments, enhancing their fitness ambitions. The Range Limiting Device (RDL) allocates a 10” incremental range of motion starting point, working with the exerciser’s flexibility to allow their body to move safely, while building up their strength level. Variable Resistance empowers the body to work through a range of motion that adjusts its load of resistance. This maximizes the strength of an individual at any given point in their movements to work with the body’s strength capabilities. Coupled with Cybex treadmills, and refurbished Cybex ellipticals, and you have a full gym ready to go.

Elegant, sleek and strong are just a few of the words that describe the style of the Cybex VR3 Strength Line. Its contoured pads help sculpt each piece of equipment into its own functional art piece that delivers great support and comfort with each movement. Its enclosed weight stacks add safety to the user while giving it a polished, glossy look  that enhances any fitness floor or exercise room.

In today’s world, whether you are a layperson who requires the ability to lift items from the floor to the top shelf of a closet or an athlete whose goal is to both maintain and improve their performance on the field, the Cybex VR3 Strength Line possess the attributes to embrace anyone’s health and fitness goals.

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