Flex Hamflexor

Flex Hamflexor For Sale

Hamflexor routines performed using the Flex Hamflexor for sale result to symmetrical strength development without the users experiencing pain or injury through the unit’s adjustable settings to match their fitness demands and motion range.

Flex Hamflexor

Flex Hamflexor

A Flex Hamflexor for sale from Flex allows independent arm movement for using only one or both limbs when training or using varied weights for each of them.  Following next is an efficient ham flexor training results obtained through a convenient to use and consistent machine.

Features of the Flex Hamflexor For Sale:

Selectorized and plate-loaded, a reconditioned Flex Hamflexor for sale comes with a rotating lower leg attachment that works even for single leg curl routines and elbow, lower leg and kneepads for workout support. It is well conceptualized, designed and built for home or commercial training clubs, recreation centers, sports clinics and University sports training centers for its durable structural steel frame and bent-steel tubing to make it last for years. For improved workout safety, a used Flex Hamflexor for sale includes an exercise placard for showing the muscles worked and the machine’s basic functions.

Technical Specifications of the Flex Hamflexor For Sale:

A refurbished Flex Hamflexor for sale is loaded with durable and quality components, including but are not limited to structural steel frame, rubber feet, integral bearings, plate switch, grips, pads, weight stack, pulleys and belts.

Exercises to Do with the Flex Hamflexor For Sale:

Performing leg flexion using the refurbished Flex Hamflexor for sale proves effective for trainees and trainers due to its ergonomic function for accommodating varied motion range and muscle ability. With its adjustable loaded weight, performing ham flexor routines on the reconditioned Flex Hamflexor for sale are convenient. Users looking to strengthen and tone the hamstrings and improve their function can depend on this used Flex Hamflexor for sale for faster fitness results.

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