FreeMotion Lift

FreeMotion Lift For Sale

Strengthening the muscles for lifting objects from the ground, the FreeMotion Lift for sale is a must-have training machine in any gym because it functionally trains the leg and back muscles so that they can work with coordination for smooth movements. For this purpose, there is the refurbished FreeMotion Lift for sale that functions to build muscle strength while protecting the spine and working the arm, legs and lower back.

FreeMotion Lift

FreeMotion Lift

Features of the FreeMotion Lift For Sale:

A refurbished FreeMotion Lift for sale features cable travel for allowing full extension or flexion of up to 120 inches (single arm) and up to 60 inches (two arms). It also comes with an enclosed and adjustable weight stack to protect it from outside elements and to be highly controllable for adapting all muscle ability. It is an industrial machine to stand the pressure in most busy gyms while not compromising space with its compact size and solid footprint.  One also features a textured platform that can aid in proper and stable foot positioning when training and comes with a stop collar that can provide an optimal handle positioning.

Technical Specifications of the FreeMotion Lift For Sale:

This reconditioned FreeMotion Lift for sale is made with 15-gauge stainless steel kick plates, 11-gauge solid steel and powder paint coated frame and tubing, extensive cable, adjustable weight stack, adjustable movement arms and swivel pulleys. A used FreeMotion Lift for sale measures 72 x 36 x 74 inches and weighs 940 pounds.

Exercises to Do with the FreeMotion Lift For Sale:

Exercises to improve the ability to lift heavy objects from the ground are one benefit of training with this reconditioned FreeMotion Lift for sale. It can increase someone’s function and strength in everyday life or in sports. Users looking to develop their muscles, to protect the spine and to target their arms, legs and lower back muscles can take advantage of this used FreeMotion Lift for sale.

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