Gym Package #3

Gym Package #3

Gym Package 3

Gym Package 3


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International: 310-984-1064
Nationwide: 800-884-1446

40ft Pkg 3 – $58,834

This is a full gym package that will fit into a 40ft container:

Cardio Equipment

6 x Precor c956i Treadmills

4 x Precor 546 Ellipticals (version 3)

2 x Precor c846i Recumbent Bikes

2 x Precor c846i Upright Bikes

Strength Equipment

Cybex Chest Press
Cybex Pec Fly
Cybex Shoulder Press
Cybex Lat Raise
Cybex Lat Pulldown
Cybex Seated Row
Cybex Abdominal
Cybex Back Extension
Cybex Bicep Curl
Cybex Triceps Extension
Cybex Adduction
Cybex Abduction
Cybex Leg Extension
Cybex Prone Leg Curl
Cybex Horizontal Leg Press

Plate Loaded Equipment

Precor Counter Balance Smith Machine

Free Weights

2 x Precor Pro Style Double Tier 10 Pair Dumbbell Rack

1 x Precor 0-90 Degree Adjustable Bench

Cap Barbell Pro Style Cast Iron Dumbbells w/ Contoured Handles 5 – 100lbs, 2100lbs Total

Cap Barbell Olympic Cast Iron Grip Plate Set 4-45lbs, 2-35lbs, 2-25lbs, 4-10lbs, 2-5lbs, 2-2.5lbs = 355lbs Total

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