Hammer Strength Adductor

Hammer Strength Adductor For Sale

Hammer Strength Adductor supports the lumbar muscles with its back pad for positioning ease, comes with an unlimited potential of resistance for various athletic functions or applications and has convenient handles for leg support while functioning as a self-spotter.

Hammer Strength Adductor

Hammer Strength Adductor

Features of the Hammer Strength Adductor:

This Hammer Strength Circuits was conceptualized, designed and built with the ISO-Lateral patented technology in mind to allow user ease and convenience while experiencing the most advanced converging and diverging motion arcs that give them the chance to use both the limbs or only one of it or use alternating or varying weights at the same time.

Just like other Hammer Strength machines, this Hammer Strength offers superior training results with its best design and built due to years of discussion and research with the world’s finest athletes and coaches; therefore, this Hammer Strength Adductor for sale finished to replicate the most natural paths of motion whether for sports or functional training.

Working out with a reconditioned Hammer Strength Adductor promotes convenience because users can perform routines in a totally safe and controlled environment that allows them to do repeatable actions in this consistent machine. Aside from that, a used Hammer Strength Adductor also has rubber feet to prevent it from slipping as well as it comes with weight stack horns stored inside for saving workout space.

Technical Specifications of the Hammer Strength Adductor:

A Hammer Strength Adductor for sale has two (2) standard weight horns, starting resistance of three pounds or one kilogram and 11-gauge steel for ultimate integrity.  This reconditioned Hammer Strength Adductor comes complete with upholstery, hardware, rubber mats, weight stack rods, weight plates, belts and springs, among others. A refurbished Hammer Strength Adductor weighs 330 pounds or 150 kilograms and measures 52 x 57 x 47 inches.

Exercises to Do with the Hammer Strength Adductor:

A Hammer Strength Adductor for sale is ideal for stretching exercises for intermediate users looking for isolation workouts called the myofascial release or hip adducting to target their quadriceps, buttocks and various muscle groups, including the brevis, adductor longus, minimus and magnus.

This machine requires static force, but is ideal even to those not working out or stretching for sports. Main purposes of the refurbished Hammer Strength Adductor are to adduct the leg and hip joint, to improve a specific sports skill, to stabilize the hop and to develop strong knees that do not drop outward.

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