Hammer Strength Bicep Curl

Hammer Strength Bicep Curl For Sale

Included in the top ten best sellers of Hammer Strength, a Hammer Strength Bicep Curl offers a traditional preacher curl user positioning, allows variable resistance profiling for increased resistance over using free weights and comes with rotatable handles for varied user forearm length.

Hammer Strength Bicep Curl

Hammer Strength Bicep Curl

Features of the Hammer Strength Bicep Curl:

After years of collaboration and research with top world coaches and trainers and the use of CAD software technology, Hammer Strength came up with the ISO-Lateral patented technology that allows multiple-muscle training at once or using different or varied weights for each limb. This Hammer Strength Circuits also has its rubber feet on its base to prevent it from slipping and has its weight horns inside it to save gym space.

Technical Specifications of the Hammer Strength Bicep Curl:

This Hammer Strength weighs 225 pounds, measures 38 x 46 x 53 inches and has a starting resistance of four (4) pounds. A used Hammer Strength Bicep Curl is complete with accessories and attachments that include weight plates, weight stack guides, pillow blocks, belts, springs, linear cables and shafts.

Exercises to Do with the Hammer Strength Bicep Curl:

Beginners can perform bicep curl routines using the Hammer Strength Bicep Curl for sale that target the biceps and the forearms to improve and stabilize strength.  Users are advised to have their natural position, but they can adjust the seat height when needed.

With the ISO-Lateral technology in the reconditioned Hammer Strength Bicep Curl that supports sitting upright and keeping the core tight, users can achieve equal strength development because they can use one or both limbs, or use varied or alternating weights for each of it.  Gym owners looking to furnish their recreation center, gym or training center with bicep curl machines can look into buying a refurbished Hammer Strength Bicep Curl of top quality but of an affordable price.

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