Hammer Strength H Squat

Hammer Strength H Squat For Sale

This Hammer Strength H Squat was made with ground base innovation that allows feet positioning on the floor, whether for functional or sports specific training for building balance and developing body stabilization during training. Anyone looking to furnish his recreation center, gym, rehabilitation facility and sports center may want to check out what this Hammer Strength offers.

Hammer Strength H Squat

Hammer Strength H Squat

Features of the Hammer Strength H Squat

Built using a highly innovative CAD software, this Hammer Strength was a product of years of collaboration with the best athletes and coaches in the world to come up with the finest H squat training machine. In addition, it was built using the same ISO-Lateral technology found in other Hammer Strength machines that replicate real life movements for functional benefits.

The Hammer Strength H Squat for sale has weight horns stored inside it for saving space and rubber feet to prevent it from slipping no matter how intense H squats performed are. It also has ergonomically correct design that simulates the most natural motion paths, on or off the field.

Technical Specifications of the Hammer Strength H Squat

This reconditioned Hammer Strength H Squat is of 11-gauge steel and has complete accessories and attachments, such as pulleys, belts, springs, weight stack guides, rubber mats, weight plates, hardware and upholstery, among others.

Exercises to Do with the Hammer Strength H Squat

Users can perform horizontal squat and compound routines with the used Hammer Strength H Squat that targets the buttocks, hips, quads and thighs. In H squat training, collaboration of the abdominals, costal muscles, trunk muscles, arms and shoulders are required as well as of the synergist muscles, such as the erector spinae, gluteus minimus and medius, gastrocnemius, soleus and adductors are required.

Main goals for H squat training with this refurbished Hammer Strength H Squat are to strengthen the hamstrings, ligaments and bones, to increase and develop core strength and to improve the buttock and leg size.  By performing H squat routines in this machine, users can engaged the hamstrings, the quadriceps and the gluteus maximus, too.

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