Hammer Strength Jammer

Hammer Strength Jammer For Sale

A Hammer Strength Jammer permits transfer and explosive training for sports specific training and allows proper feet positioning for functional training and versatility either for bi-lateral or unilateral routines.  To date, this Hammer Strength Jammer for sale is a top-selling machine chosen by athletes and coaches across all sports. Definitely, this Hammer Strength Jammer is a must-have for any training center.

Hammer Strength Jammer

Hammer Strength Jammer

Features of the Hammer Strength Jammer:

This reconditioned Hammer Strength Jammer presents a controllable and safe strength training machine that offers a low starting resistance and that permits the most natural movements for functional or sports specific training because repeatable movements are consistent. A refurbished Hammer Strength Jammer is also an ideal ground base machine for working out multiple muscle groups at once for achieving fast results to save time.

For its functional and total body training features, this used Hammer Strength Jammer is definitely worth having in any training camp, recreation center or gym center. In addition, its weight horns are stored inside it to save workout space and its base has rubber feet to prevent it from slipping.

Technical Specifications of the Hammer Strength Jammer:

A Hammer Strength Jammer for sale has six (6) standard weight horns, 11-gauge steel and eight (8) pounds of starting resistance. It includes complete accessories and attachments, including powder coat finish for total adhesion and durability, pillow blocks, weight stack guides, pulleys, weight plates, hardware, upholstery, rubber mats, linear bearings and linear cables and shafts. A reconditioned Hammer Strength Jammer measures 59 x 66 x 90 inches and weighs 370 pounds or 168 kilograms.

Exercises to Do with the Hammer Strength Jammer:

Jammer extension exercises performed in the used Hammer Strength Jammer target the biceps, glutes, hamstrings, quads and shoulders. Users are recommended to perform jammer extension exercises while still in control, but they should focus on form before selecting a heavy weight. Finally, strength trainers are advised to perform routines as fluid as possible to avoid injuries.

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