Hammer Strength Pullover

Hammer Strength Pullover For Sale

This Hammer Strength Pullover comes with a seat angled at 30 degrees and includes a seat belt for added stability during workout.  It has a counterbalanced movement arm that minimizes starting weight and has a perfect design with a reduced shoulder extension that eliminates shoulder joint stress.  Check out more about what this Hammer Strength Circuits offers.

Hammer Strength Pullover

Hammer Strength Pullover

Features of the Hammer Strength Pullover:

This Hammer Strength has a superior design for excellent workout performance, a result of years of research and studies with the best athletes, coaches and Olympians across the globe. A Hammer Strength Pullover for sale is a plate-loaded machine to provide the most natural paths of motion with its ergonomically correct built.

On top of that, it uses the same ISO-Lateral patented technology that allows the smoothest converging and diverging motion arcs for using only one or both limbs when training and for using varied or alternating weights for each arm.

Technical Specifications of the Hammer Strength Pullover:

A used Hammer Strength Pullover has an 11-gauge steel, four (4) standard weight horns and 18 pounds of starting resistance. It is also complete with attachments and accessories, including a structural frame, pulleys, pillow blocks, belts, weight plates, springs, upholstery, weight stack guides and hardware. This reconditioned Hammer Strength Pullover measures 54 x 51 x 59 inches and weighs 370 pounds or 168 kilograms.

Exercises to Do with the Hammer Strength Pullover:

The refurbished Hammer Strength Pullover is the total upper body workout machine for users who want to develop the strength of their hips, lower back and Lattisimus dorsi. Aside from these muscle groups, pullover exercises recruit the triceps, pectolaris major and shoulder blades in particular the rhomboids and middle trapezius.

Pullover routines also target the posterior deltoids and rear shoulder muscles, but these require good shoulder flexibility and mobility. This Hammer Strength Pullover for sale can be used by both beginners and intermediate users for developing arm and upper back strength, in particular the Lattisimus dorsi muscle group.

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