Hotel Package #1

Hotel Package #1

Having and managing a hotel does not end in offering your guests with the best amenities, facilities and decoration. Sometimes hotel owners overlook the fact that guests also appreciate hotels with a fitness club, especially among the health conscious and fitness buff individuals that want to stay fit and in shape even while being away from home and while in your hotel for a business trip, a vacation or personal matters. For this reason, you may want to consider getting this Hotel Package #1 for sale for your hotel and for your guests, who can work specific muscle groups, while checked into your establishment. At UGE, you get it at the most reasonable prices possible. To discuss it further, read on and see what this hotel package has in store for you and your guests.

Hotel Package #1 for sale is available at a low price of $9,950, and that cost includes high quality remanufactured machines, including the Precor c958 treadmill, Precor c846 recumbent bike and Precor 546 EFX elliptical trainer, as well as strength units, including the EWP dual adjustable pulley, dumbbell set on rack and adjustable utility bench. When you get this package from us, you can get the best value prices, as we’re the only gym source, where to find top deals on exercise machines on the web. Best part is that we ship worldwide, so your location does not matter at all. We can deliver these training units to your hotel fitness center, wherever it is in the world.

This Hotel Package #1 for sale is one of the most sought after value offers we have at UGE because it used gym equipment included here are not only affordable but they are also modern in design. So whatever your concept or theme is, they are sure to match and blend well with your establishment, and by saying this means you no longer have to spend on replacing any wall decoration, furnishing or flooring at all! Aside from their lovely aesthetic appearance, the units included here are very durable, and that is something we have proven after each of these used gym units underwent our strict and step-by-step diagnostics and stress test, wherein we inspected and ran each of the machines, alternator, motor and all other electrical parts for ensuring they are tough to last and safe to use!

Women, children, men and seniors from all fitness levels can depend on the effective and efficient workouts to get from these exercise pieces because each of them has an adjustable setting for allowing them to work out at their own pace and intensity and has comfort features (accessory tray, reading rack or entertainment on select cardio units) for letting them enjoy their workout as if they were not really exercising.

Building a name in the hotel industry is not only about setting up the best decoration and amenities, but it is also about helping your guests stay fit and strong while in your place, and for that reason, you can consider getting the Hotel Package #1 for sale from UGE. For all inquiries and concerns, feel free to call us at +1 (310) 638 4800 today!

Hotel Package #1 – $9,950.00

Cardio Equipment

1 x Precor c956 Treadmill

1 x Precor 546 EFX Elliptical

1 x Precor c846 Recumbent Bike

Strength Equipment

1 x EWP Dual Adjustable Pulley

1 x Dumbbell Set on Rack

1 x Adjustable Utility Bench

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