Hotel Package #2

Hotel Package #2

If you are looking to build a hotel fitness club, then you may want to consider furnishing it with nothing but the finest used gym equipment around, probably a hotel package, like this Hotel Package #2 for sale. At UGE, you’ll get it at a price very affordable our competitors only try to match but cannot beat. No matter if you have just been starting out or adding a few training units in your center, there is no doubt that this is one of the most practical gym packages available around. For further details, check out below and see if the Hotel Package #2 for sale is worth your attention.

This Hotel Package #2 for sale priced at only $10,200 includes some of our best-selling gym products, namely the Life Fitness 9100 Next Generation treadmills, Lifecycle LC9500HR Next Generation recumbent bikes and Lifecycle LC9500HR Next Generation upright bikes. It also includes the Life Fitness Multi-gym, available at an adjustable configuration to suit your center’s needs and requirements and size.

All these machines have undergone our three-tiered remanufacturing process, involving the mechanical, electrical and aesthetic aspects, and by saying that means we don’t only service or reupholstered used gym equipment; instead, we oversee each aspect, look for worn or stressed parts, replace them when needed, finish with custom powder paint and stress test each of them to ensure they work at top peak conditions before deploying them to your center. Simply put, at UGE, you will be buying as good as new machines because they are checked, repaired and remanufactured to work as if they were fresh from the maker factory. Therefore, only we can offer you quality packages, such as the Hotel Package #2 for sale that you won’t find anywhere else.

Training on these units will help your guests build strength, develop balance and coordination, improve health and take performance a notch higher even while in your hotel and while away from their homes or communities. Surely, your guests can better appreciate your effort of offering them all the best by building a hotel gym with the machines in the Hotel Package #2 for sale.

By choosing us to become your gym supplier, you are assured of quality, as we’ve been around in this business for over 20 years, and since then, we have networked and grown our customer base composed of over 10,000 happy customers. No doubt, when reputation is what you’re looking for, there is no need to look because you found us. And when you get the Hotel Package #2 for sale, you can be sure that your machines are composed of top quality, durable ones that last long and that work efficiently. Our company is your one-stop source, not only for hotel gym packages, but also for other accessories, machine attachments, free weight benches and so many more.  In short, UGE got all your needs covered. Feel free to get in touch with our expert sales representative to discuss all your requirements, or give you an advice!

For all your questions, concerns or request for bulk pricing, feel free to get in touch with UGE anytime, and we will try getting back to you within one business day. Buy the Hotel Package #2 for sale today!

Hotel Package 2

Hotel Package 2

Hotel Package #2 – $10,200

Life Fitness Cardio Equipment

2 x LIfe Fitness 9100 Next Generation Treadmills

1 x Life Fitness Lifecycle LC9500RHR Next Generation Recumbent Bikes

1 x Life Fitness Lifecycle LC9500HR Next Generation Upright Bikes

Life Fitness Strength Equipment

1 x LIfe Fitness Multi-Gym

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