Hotel Package #4

Hotel Package #4

Considering a health club for your hotel, you may be making a good move because you are about to give your guests the chance of working out while away from their homes and from their community gyms. If you were looking to furnish your club with top-of-the-line but affordably priced gym package, then you may consider equipping it with this Hotel Package #4 for sale, which is composed of treadmills, a Precor Icarian circuit and a dumbbells set with a EWP dumbbell rack. To find out more details about it, check out the following sections.

Featuring cardio trainers composed of two (2) units of Star Trac Pro treadmill, two (2) units of Star Trac Pro cross trainer and one (1) unit of Star Trac Pro recumbent bike, your guests do not have to go out and be challenged of bad weather conditions through jogging or walking around but just use any of these machines in providing them a low impact workout to depend on anytime, this Hotel Package #4 for sale is a very useful set of cardio for any hotel club. With these cardio machines, users can develop lung and heart endurance and get a total body workout by exercising at the pace, speed and time as well as workout program offered in the built-in courses in these low impact cardio exercise machines. And aside from cardio, guests can make use of the circuit selection composed of machines for chest press, shoulder press, bicep curl, tricep extension, leg curl and leg extension. For users who want to experience freedom of movements using their motion range, this Hotel Package #4 for sale also comes with a dumbbell set, and for replacing weights conveniently, it also includes a dumbbell rack.

What about durability and quality? No worries with UGE’s top-of-the-line remanufacturing process, wherein we disassemble, check for wear and stress, repair and replace with parts, sandblast and custom paint with two-process powder coat finishing and testing to match commercial demands and use to ensure that every single piece of gym tool and machine in this Hotel Package #4 for sale is high in quality and tough to last. We’re the only gym source worldwide that can provide you with nothing but the best and great as new reconditioned gym equipment. Our name speaks for us and our experience backs it up. With UGE, your investment is worthwhile because we’re the only one that ensures your business success!

Users, including novices, women, children and seniors and even elite trainees and trainers can count on these machines for their consistency in assisting them in meeting their goals from selectorized and cardio exercises. The used gym equipment in the Hotel Package #4 for sale is guaranteed to provide them not only a consistent but also a safe workout environment, with its highly adjustable settings to accommodate each trainee’s needs and goals providing them excellent results without posing danger and causing injury to their joints, knees and muscles. Now, they can grow in size and develop overall appearance without compromising their safety with the Hotel Package #4 for sale.

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Hotel Package 4

Hotel Package 4

Hotel Package #4

Cardio Equipment

2 x Star Trac Pro Treadmill

2 x Star Trac Pro Crosstrainers

1 x Star Trac Pro Recumbent Bike

Strength Equipment

Precor Icarian 8 piece Circuit:

Chest Press
Shoulder Press
Bicep Curl
Tricep Extension
Leg Extension
Leg Curl

1 x Dumbbell Set w/ EWP Dumbbell Rack

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