Hotel Package #5

Hotel Package #5

Exercising regularly has a major role in keeping one healthy and staying mentally and physically productive, and this may be the exact same reason you may be looking to build your hotel club. For many guests, one of the features they are looking into before booking an accommodation is a health club. So here at the we are serious of helping you establish your fitness center. This is the reason we offer a multitude of hotel gym packages and hotel gym equipment to customers in the industry. One of the best deals we offer is the Hotel Package #5 for sale. Read on to the following sections and discover more about this health club package to get for your hotel.

The Hotel Package #5 for sale is made of cardio and specific muscle group exercise machines, such as three (3) units of Precor, three (3) units of Precor 556 Cross trainers and two (2) units of 846i recumbent bike, while for strength, this includes a Precor Multi-gym and a dumbbell set with EWP dumbbell rack. At an affordable price of $17, 900, you can start in furnishing your hotel gym with high quality used gym equipment that you only get from the Used Gym Equipment Company.

We are the leading gym source, not only for hotel packages like the Hotel Package #5 for sale, but also for other gym supplies composed of weight plates, free weight benches, power racks, smith machines, gym flooring, plyometric boxes, gym lockers and machines attachments, including handles and so many more… Plus, when you buy from UGE, you can be sure of top quality you cannot find elsewhere.

Because our company only acquires used gym equipment from top dealers and commercial gyms worldwide, we can pass the value of used exercise machines we get from our customers. But that’s not all! We also remanufacture the machines we buy, including those included in the Hotel Package #5 for sale. From the acquisition process to shipping, we do things right. We do not just service or reupholster machines that other sellers out there do, but we clean, inspect and repair, if needed, the machines we get before displaying them in our 120,000 square foot of facility in California. Feel free to schedule a tour in our facility by talking with one of our representatives.

Reconditioned exercise machines, such as treadmills in the Hotel Package #5 for sale are checked for wear and tear, repaired and tested to meeting our rigorous quality standards so that your users can depend on a low impact cardio workout, while meeting their fitness goals using the programmed workout coming in these machines. And for those looking to add on muscle, they can make use of the multi-gym, which also allow them to train with some of their friends due to several stations to allow them to exercise at the same time when building muscle and developing strength.

Staying fit and healthy and improving strength, balance and coordination is possible with the Hotel Package #5 for sale that offers customizable workouts to your hotel guests. If you want to increase their satisfaction while checked into your hotel, feel free to talk to us about high quality used gym equipment like those in the Hotel Package #5 for sale today!

Hotel Package 5

Hotel Package 5

Hotel Package #5 – $17,900

Cardio Equipment

3 x Precor 966 Treadmill

3 x Precor 556 Crosstrainers

2 x Precor 846i Recumbent Bike

Strength Equipment

1 x Precor Multi-Gym

1 x Dumbbell Set w/ EWP Dumbbell Rack

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