Hotel Package #6

Hotel Package #6

Furnishing your hotel with used gym equipment is a good way of helping your guests keep fit while in your hotel is a good way of offering your guests not only with the best amenities and facilities, but also with the chance of keeping themselves fit and healthy. Whether they’re looking to add on muscle, develop physical strength, build balance and coordination and enhance overall health, among any other purposes, they can achieve them through workouts they can do in a hotel training club equipped with the machine found in this Hotel Package #6 for sale. Read on the following to see what makes this package a good option in furnishing your center with high quality but affordable packages.

By getting this Hotel Package #6 for sale, you will be able to offer your guests the chance of working out indoors without having to battle the cold or hot weather, especially by using the cardio trainers in this hotel package, such as the two (2) units of Life Fitness 93T treadmill, one (1) unit of Life Fitness 93X cross trainer and one (1) unit of Life Fitness 93R recumbent bike. With these low impact aerobic and endurance trainers, they will be able to enjoy an efficient but stress-free workout to meeting their weight loss and calorie burning goals. And for those who want to perform selectorized body workouts, they can depend on the strength exercise machines, including the shoulder press, chest press, row/rear deltoid, biceps, pull down, abdominals, leg curl and leg extension.

Doing either cardio or strength or choosing to do both in your hotel is possible because this Hotel Package #6 for sale offers aerobic and strength lines to depend on. And when you buy it from UGE, you can be sure of their durability and quality, as each of the machines in the Hotel Package #6 for sale is tested to last for years and remanufactured like new. For instance, the Life Fitness 93T treadmill is an innovative machine that comes with a 4 HP motor with controller and is capable of delivering up to 10 mph of speed and an incline of 15 percent. It also has a running surface of 20 x 60 inches so that it can accommodate users of all sizes and shapes and make them feel comfortable in aerobic workouts.

For those guests looking to enhance their physical appearance through muscle training, they can work out with the selectorized machines designed and created with correct biomechanical movements mimicking natural muscle motion, either in sports or in function. When they train with the used selectorized equipment in the Hotel Package #6 for sale, they can exercise with consistency and safety, as these machines are made using heavy-duty 11-gauge steel for its framing and tubing. Providing them a consistent training environment, users can achieve their desired workout results in no time at their own pace and comfort zone as well as based on their goals and requirements, whether they are athletes, novices, women or seniors.

If you would like to offer not only the best accommodations but also the best health possible to your guests and you would love to establish a gym now, feel free to talk to us about the Hotel Package #6 for sale today!

Hotel Package 6

Hotel Package 6

Hotel Package #6 – $23,900

Cardio Equipment

2 x Life Fitness 93T Treadmill

1 x Life Fitness 93X Crosstrainer

1 x Life Fitness 93R Recumbent Bike

Strength Equipment

Chest Press
Shoulder Press
Row / Rear Deltiod
Pull Down
Leg Extension
Leg Curl

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