Hotel Package #7

Hotel Package #7

Setting up a hotel gym isn’t a joke, as it requires some serious considerations of the spending to make in order to get the best value investment. For this reason, you can depend on our one-stop gym source, the Used Gym Equipment that has been around for more than 20 years and has an established facility of 120,000 square feet of remanufacturing facility. Unlike our competitors, our company only buys used exercise machines from top dealers and high class gyms worldwide; therefore, we can pass the value of the value we get to our customers. That is why UGE can offer only topnotch gym packages like the Hotel Package #7 for sale at $25,900. For more details, check out the following sections.

Offering you a complete value for your money, the Hotel Package #7 for sale is comprised of high caliber remanufactured gym equipment, including treadmills, upright bikes and stair steppers as well as selectorized units. Some cardio exercise machines included are three (3) units of Precor 966i treadmills and two (2) units of Precor 776i stair stepper while we offer strength units, such as the Cybex Bicep Curl and Back Extension. One of the highlights UGE included in this package is the  Precor 966i treadmill, a top of the line running or walking machine known for its top durability and performance as well as for its Integrated Footplant Technology for making every step feel natural and allowing the user to keep his balance and control in his workouts. For selectorized units, users can train specific muscle groups, including the chest, biceps, triceps, abdominal muscles and back, depending on select unit so that each of them gives specific focus making results more effective and visible in no time.

Speaking of value offered by the Hotel Package #7 for sale, you can also rely on the durability of these training units, as each of them is checked for wear and stress, with parts repaired or replaced if needed and with high quality two-process powder coating finishing making them adherent against scratch and abuse in heavy volume hotel clubs and training centers. When it comes to commercial value to be brought in your hotel, there is no doubt that the Hotel Package #7 for sale is the one to choose, as the training units included here do not require maintenance and repairs, too. Therefore, you can get the most out of your spending, while getting the most ROI, too.

No matter how heavy your hotel gym’s need would be, you can depend on the tough characteristics of these machines, such as the selectorized units constructed with heavy-duty structural steel frame and tubing recognized worldwide by top caliber brands like Cybex. And in terms of user comfort, these machines are unquestionably at their best, too, as they are constructed with support pads, large handgrips and running surface, on select units in the Hotel Package #7 for sale.

For affordable, durable and high caliber used branded gym equipment, such as those in the Hotel Package #7 for sale, you don’t need to look any further because we’re here, your one-stop gym source to cover all your requirements. Should you need further information or assistance, feel free to contact our experts anytime.

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Hotel Package 7

Hotel Package 7

Hotel Package #7 – $25,900

Cardio Equipment

3 x Precor 966i Treadmill

3 x Precor 966i Treadmill

2 x Precor 846i Upright Bike

2 x Precor 846i Recumbent Bike

2 x Precor 776i Stair Stepper

Strength Equipment

Cybex Chest Press

Cybex Shoulder Press

Cybex Bicep Curl

Cybex Tricep Extension

Cybex Abdominal

Cybex Back Extension

Cybex Leg Extension

Cybex Leg Curl

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