Hotel Package #8

Hotel Package #8

Whether you are trying to add several more machines in your hotel gym or you are just starting building it, you have reached the right place online! We’re the, the unprecedented one-stop gym supply store across the US and the rest of the world. With the value and quality we supply our customers, ranging from small to large business owners as well as busy home fitness rooms with, we remain their top choice when selecting used gym equipment supplier online. One of our top offers is the Hotel Package #8 for sale, a package composed of high quality line of aerobic and strength machines recognized by elite athletes and bodybuilders from around the world. Check out below to find out more about this used hotel gym equipment package for sale at $38,500.

This Hotel Package #8 for sale is one of the best value gym packages at UGE; in fact, it is composed of Precor unit known worldwide for its commitment to providing efficient yet convenient training to its customers, composed of seniors, novices, women, recovering patients and top athletes/bodybuilders. This package includes cardio equipment, such as four (4) units of Precor 966i treadmill, three (3) units of Precor 556i cross trainers, two (2) units of Precor 846i bike and two (2) units of Precor 776i stepper, while some strength pieces included is the Precor Icaria 8-stack jungle gym. For free weights, this Hotel Package #8 for sale comes with a dumbbell rack.

Efficiently designed and toughly built for heavy abuse and use, the used gym machines in this package are created to mimic real muscle motion, allowing trainees to move as they do in real life and giving them the freedom of utilizing their motion range. In the process, they can train with their comfort zone while meeting their training goals for weight loss, muscle building and functional improvement, among others. When you buy it from UGE, you can depend on their long-lasting characteristics, too, as they are remanufactured to work like new, as if they have just come out the box.

By getting the Hotel Package #8 for sale at UGE, you are sure to get the best value of your money, while giving your guests a superb training experience helping them stay active and strong following their workout routines, even while they are away from their health clubs or home fitness room. And by delivering them their workout goals, you are sure to gain a good reputation in the hotel industry, as you aren’t only concerned of giving them the best accommodation possible, but you are also giving them the ability of training their muscles and gaining aerobic endurance in your hotel gym club.

For the best value hotel packages to depend on, there is no need to look any further, as you are with the one-stop authority for used gym supplies, not limited to hotel packages like this Hotel Package #8 for sale, but also offering you a complete range of free weights, benches and racks, multi gyms, functional trainers and so many more…

For further details about our gym packages to suit your needs or for needs of customizing your very own hotel gym package, feel free getting in touch with our sales representative for advice and guidance anytime.

Hotel Package 8

Hotel Package 8

Hotel Package #8 – $38,500

Cardio Equipment

4 x Precor 966i Treadmills

3 x Precor 556i Crosstrainers

2 x Precor 846i Bikes

2 x Precor 776i Stepper

Strength Equipment

Precor Icarian 8-Stack Jungle Gym

Triceps Pull
Low Row
Hi-Low Pulley
Cable Cross-Over

Dumbbell Rack w/ EWP Dumbbell Rack

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