Life Fitness 95Se Steppers

Life Fitness 95Se Steppers For Sale

Refurbished Life Fitness 95se Steppers are gym machines that are equipped with features that are friendly to user’s attributes. They attract and fit in any gym audience or suitable for home fitness. With refurbished Life Fitness Steppers, you can keep track of all progresses by the aid of a 95 se‘s E-3 Integrated LCD Systems. The good about this system is that it has a touch-screened response to enable you to go up to 26 varied workouts not forgetting 5 Zone Training Challenges with 13 languages. Remember your fingers are your remote control.

Life Fitness 95se Steppers

Life Fitness 95se Steppers

You shouldn’t worry about boredom thanks to the LCD System FM –radios and 125 available TV channels on each machine. Not only that, the Side Handrails at the sides also makes the machines more comfortable and secure since you can grab them when need arises, for instance, when you experience an unintentionally gliding. Life Fitness 95se Steppers also have a Heart Rate Life pulse Digital Contact HR and Polar Compatible that can measure and read your pulse using grip areas on each Treadmill. These gears come with the Contact Grip Sensor System and the Wireless Chest Strap that is connected through telemetry.

Properly refurbished Life Fitness 95se Steppers have a Stepping Speed Range of 2-3 floors per minute. This is to say that Life Fitness 95se Steppers can reach up the speed that are challenging for any skill level bearing in mind that a speed you think is good enough for now may be too slow a year from now. Remarkably, you can keep track of your progress, up to 17 workouts that it automatically records. The Quick start in each treadmill enables the machines to start quickly without entering the information having to choose a workout program.

Its pedals are 6 x 11 with an Independent action. This ensures there is comfort and safety is guaranteed with no fallbacks because of the wide enough pedals. The 50” x 32’’ x 64.5” machine has an awesome resistance level you’ll never find any other set.

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