Life Fitness 95Xe Cross Trainers

Life Fitness 95Xe Cross Trainers For Sale

The Life Fitness 95Xe Cross Trainers are an excellent option for a commercial gym or health club — or for rigorous home usage. Life Fitness incorporates millions of dollars and countless hours of research in kinesiology, fitness, and ergonomics into every Life Fitness Cross Trainer for sale.

Life Fitness 95Xe Cross Trainer

Life Fitness 95Xe Cross Trainer

Our reconditioned Life Fitness 95Xe Cross Trainers include a host of attractive features and excellent design functions. Foremost among these is the huge number of customizable workouts and fitness options. With up to thirty individual and distinct workout options in the Life Fitness 95Xe, you’re sure to get every type of workout you and your clientele needs. This includes everything from moderate to advanced.

The Life Fitness 95Xe Cross Trainer also includes 5 different Life Fitness brand Zone Training+ workouts and a Fit Test Protocol. This means the machine acts like your own personal trainer. It will test your fitness level with the Fit Test Protocol, then measure your improvement as you work through the entire exercise regime, targeted to every part of your body.

In terms of specifications, the refurbished Life Fitness 95Xe for sale here is a high quality, low maintenance machine. For example, you can select up to 13 different languages, which means this machine is great for international dealers and gym owners. It also has an integrated reading and drink tray, along with a beautiful, vivid display made of long-lasting LED lighting.

With dimensions of 85 inches by 27 inches by 64 inches, it’s a fairly slim profile rear-drive elliptical crosstrainer. But that doesn’t mean it has a flimsy design. Quite the contrary, in fact: The maximum weight is a respectable 350 pounds, which means this machine can accommodate nearly any fitness user. Couple that with fully twenty six resistance levels, and the Life Fitness 95Xe elliptical cross trainer for sale here is a great buy for any gym or health club.

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