Life Fitness 9700 Platinum Treadmills

Life Fitness 9700 Platinum Treadmills For Sale

A well-refurbished Life Fitness 9700 Platinum Treadmill is a gym machine, which is fully stocked with features that give up to 14 workout programs. The numeric keypad located at the center of the machine is essential for scrolling messages and controlling the machine. With this, the machine provides total freedom of the choice of various programs.

Life Fitness 9700 Platinum Treadmills

Life Fitness 9700 Platinum Treadmills

The machine is able to monitor heart rates by the help of the digital heart rate hand censors. This is automatically operational in controlling the elevation and keeping the users at the right heart rate levels. With the flex deck capitalization, the reconditioned Life Fitness 9700 Platinum treadmills will be able to keep the user’s motivation high all through the exercises making you feel the uncontested freedom.

Among the 14 workout programs that Life Fitness 9700 Platinum Treadmill offers include: fat burn, hill, cardio, random, fit test, manual and quick start feature. All these workouts are achieved because of well welded frames that increase the stability of the machine and a led feedback tracking and showing off your progress.

The progress of the user is also tracked by automatic readouts that are able to display the time, heart rate , calories , incline , speed , pace and the program profile. The Life Fitness 9700 Platinum Treadmills are made of durable walking belts, which are of quality and fixed with additional tubes of lube hence eliminating foul smell when in use. Additionally, this gear consists of speed of 5-15 mph, motor of 4hp ac, a wide running surface of 20’’ x 60 “ , an incline of 3%-15%, Dimensions of 88’’ L x 38’’W x 65’’ H, The maximum user weight is 400 lbs and its unit weight is 490 lbs.

For the finest exercise motivation, refurbished Life Fitness 9700 Platinum Treadmills will give you the ultimate experience thanks to its centered design, entertainment and training options.


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