Life Fitness Pro2 Abdominal Crunch

Life Fitness Pro2 Abdominal Crunch For Sale

Designed and engineered for the long haul, reconditioned Life Fitness Pro2 Abdominal Crunch for sale is meant to cater for your endless demands. This unit offers an all-round selectorized machine that is firmly put together for durability. Users can easily adjust to experience exceptional exercising while just seated with its superior biomechanics. The unit can fit users averaging about 4’10” to 6’6 in height. All exercising motions have been put into consideration to suit all kinds and different exercising levels whether athletic or general fitness.

Life Fitness Pro 2 Ab Crunch

The Life Fitness Pro2 Abdominal Crunch for sale unit weighs about 400lbs and includes a weight stack that weighs 200lbs. The machine dimensions measure 52” L x 35” W x 56” H and would fit just all kinds of users. The machine is constructed using 11 gauge US standard steel frames that ensure a rigid structure. The frames are further reinforced with an electrostatic coating finish for optimum durability and adhesion. At the base of the Life Fitness Pro2 SE Abdominal Crunch for sale, standard rubber fittings cover the frame base in case of slipping. Plus, the pads are well cushioned for enhanced comfort as you exercise. Optional adjustments are also provided; these include leg extensions, seated leg curl, leg curl as well as a back extension. In addition, with the seat adjustment, the roller mechanism ensures a smooth operation.

The unit’s weight plates are solid steel and have self-lubricating bushings for friction and noise reduction. The pulleys and cables are constructed using 7 x 19 strands, well lubricated and nylon coated meeting all US military standards. The handgrips are made of extruded thermo-rubber, which is durable and non-absorbent.

The Life Fitness Pro2 Abdominal Crunch for sale further comes with an Abcam system that has dual pivot movement meant to replicate the normal abdominal crunch motion. And the double foot pegs give comfort without any kind of adjustment required by any size of user.

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