Life Fitness Signature MJ8 Multi Gym

Life Fitness Signature MJ8 Multi Gym For Sale

The Life Fitness Signature MJ8 Multi Gym for sale is a multi-task gym set with several stations that include an Adjustable Pulley Cable Crossover, a Row, Dual Pulley Row, a Lat Pull-down, a Fix Pulley Cable Crossover, an Adjustable Pulley and a Triceps Pushdown. Each of the station has their international standard masses and varying weights to give users a wide variety to choose from. In addition, these workout stations enable up to eight users carry out their exercises all together. Technically, this set employs user-defined motion paths that allow for a very large number of exercises as well as build balance, steadiness, and great power.


Life Fitness MJ8

Used Life Fitness Signature MJ8 Multi Gym for sale is a unique personal training set with easy-to-use accessories. Due to the simplicity in its designs, you can conduct routines on your own and modify the set to suit your intended activity. This Life Fitness Signature MJ8 Multi Gym is never complete without the optional but rare quality front shrouds that help tone your muscles accordingly. The gym tool gives your exercise a different direction since it encourages member retention that inspires the gym users to attain advanced levels of strength during training.

Its pulley system is well organized with adequate cables. The pulleys are made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon and sealed ball bearings. The cables are nylon-coated with 7×19-strand construction and highly lubricated for friction free motion. The used Life Fitness Signature MJ8 Multi Gym has handgrips made of urethane composite and supported with collars of aluminum to prevent slipping. The handles are further swiveled to improve workout.

Life Fitness Signature MJ8 Multi Gym station for sale has steel weight plates with the top plate made with self-lubricating bushings. The gym set has its parts contour-cushioned where necessary to enable you carry out your exercises with utmost comfort.  To add to its simplicity in use, are the easy to use guide roads.  Take caution when using the machine with body weight strap training assets by making sure it is anchored to the floor to reduce the risk of it tipping over or rocking.

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