Magnum VKR

Magnum VKR For Sale

Described as the vertical knee raise machine, the Magnum VKR for sale is the go-to fitness machine that serious bodybuilders and sportsmen are using to train their muscles effectively for better sports performance and improved endurance. This fitness piece from Magnum allows them to move as their muscles do in real life so that they can avoid straining or stressing their muscles that lead to injury.  Gym owners who are serious about providing only the best strength-training machines to members do not think twice equipping their center with the Magnum VKR for sale.

Magnum VKR

Magnum VKR

Features of the Magnum VKR For Sale:

A refurbished Magnum VKR for sale boasts its tower of power built that allows the best training of the abdominal and the core in the most efficient manner as desired by a member. This used Magnum VKR for sale works as a knee raise station to increase a user’s strength with its forearm rest and backrests along with vertical handles on each of the unit’s armrest. A reconditioned Magnum VKR for sale can also include horizontal handles when performing chin dips or a pull-up bar on its top. Part of Magnum’s recent innovation is its Bosu Ball that is found on the small of the machine’s back, a feature that will add to better stretching and cushioning of the lower back.

Technical Specifications of the Magnum VKR For Sale:

This reconditioned Magnum VKR for sale is in the upper body training zone category and free weight class. It holds up to 120 pounds of user weight and includes quality attachments, such as Bosu Ball, forearm and back rest, pull-up bar, cushioned support made with high density foam, wear guards, custom powder coat pain finish, visible markers and decals and rubber feet. It is also made with solid structural steel frame and tubing.

Exercises to Do with the Magnum VKR For Sale:

This refurbished Magnum VKR for sale assists in advanced core exercises that engage the abdominal muscles, such as the rectus abdominis. For the best results, users should not miss on the correct movement and form. Before training on the used Magnum VKR for sale, a user should consult his healthcare provider for safety.

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