Nautilus XPload Circuit

Nautilus XPload Circuit For Sale

Looking for refurbished Nautilus XPLoad circuit? Here is the right place to get quality used gym gears for use anywhere, whether at home or at your gym. It only requires an approximate floor space of 100 square feet. Of all work out sets in the market, the XPLoad circuit is one of the most diverse gym equipment.  You can either use it on its own or for complex exercises, complement it with a system of pulleys called the nautilus. This unique pulley system has an advantage over other gym models since it brings down your footprint to an approximate of 33%.

Nautilus XPLoad Circuit

Nautilus XPLoad Circuit

The XPLoad is can be customized to suit different users. This system is expandable in units as small as 20”, 40” and 60” inch and extends up to a maximum of 5 feet.  It is made of a massive and steady truss that allows for any of any nautilus pulley systems to fix to it at either of its two ends.

The Nautilus XPLoad Circuit system is fitted with an overhead reinforcement that allows you fix heavyweight punching bags for boxers and other trainers. It also has side frames each with six metallic stands supporting from the low point, up to the middle point and at the high point. These stands serve significant purposes of providing stability, both overall and in certain working conditions.

The Nautilus XPLoad Circuit is a multipurpose gym set.  It actually allows up to 10 men to anchor their special training systems (CrossCore) and other suspension belts at once. This machine has monkey bars integrated to its truss system and optional dip-up and pull-up bars that you can fix and remove anytime.

The used Nautilus XPLoad Circuit we have here in good shape and are fully functional. The pulley systems are smooth for effective, and you do not have to use extra energy while working out.

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