Precor 954i Treadmills

Precor 954i Treadmills For Sale

Often, services the international market. In fact, fully sixty percent of our business last year was dedicated to international sales. We ship to over a hundred countries around the globe. And many of our international customers are looking for slightly older model treadmills, such as the Precor 954i Treadmill for sale.


In places like Egypt and Ukraine, the older models of Precor treadmills are a big hit for a number of reasons.

Precor c954i Treadmills

Precor c954i Treadmills

First and foremost, we can get you tons of cheap Precor treadmills. We have access to used gym machines all over the country, which we can easily ship by the full shipping container. And when you buy from us in quantity, you get the best possible prices on cheap fitness equipment for sale. Just checkout our IN STOCK SPECIALS to see what we have right now.

Another reason international clients love our older models is because the fitness craze is only now hitting their countries. In many places, clients don’t expect extremely high-end gyms, nor could they afford them.

They want cheap gym memberships with quality treadmills, ellipticals, and strength machines. That’s where the Precor 954i Treadmills really helps out. You can open a gym internationally for a fraction of the cost of buying everything new, but you’ll still be able to boast a bevy of cardio machines.


Finally, when you buy from us, you know you’re buying quality. We live to serve, and we love our international customers. We have a dedicated Shipping Department. They know how to get your goods through customs, so they arrive on time and in the proper condition.


So please, give us a call and we can get you started on opening your new gym or health club today!

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