Precor c764i Steppers

Precor c764i Steppers For Sale

The refurbished Precor c764i Steppers for Sale is a superb fitness machine with a total of 20 levels of resistance for users to work on. Its maximum weight capacity is 350 lbs, and the stepping speed rate lies between 20 to 150 feet per minute. In addition, the maximum step height a user can achieve with the set is 18 inches. No matter how massive the gym instrument may seem, it only requires 15 Amps of power to operate and has an input voltage of 120 Volts.  Used Precor C764i Steppers for Sale comes with 15 programs for gym enthusiasts to enjoy. Each session is intensive and helps users in keeping a healthy physical, as well as psychological health.

Precor C764i Steppers

Precor C764i Steppers

Reconditioned Precor C764i Steppers for Sale has dimensions of 60 inches by 34 inches and extends to a height of 64 inches. With the above measurements, the tool can fit any size of fitness center. Its stepper weights add up to 185 lbs to accommodate a wide variety of user levels. This machine is sturdily built, and its center-of-gravity lowered to ensure steadiness and uncompromised durability.  For stability during workouts, a wide foot-plate is fitted to the used Precor C764i Steppers for Sale. The latest technology employed in designing the tool allow connect with other electrical appliances such as the Cardio theatre and the FitLinxx by aid of the CSAFE interface.

Refurbished Precor C764i Steppers for Sale offers a very low starting resistance to a inspire novices. With its touch sensitive heart rate monitoring system, users can observe the rate with which their heart pumps while in session.  If you are looking for a workout tool that asks for little and gives back more, Precor C764i Steppers for Sale is the best option.

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