Precor c846 Upright Bikes

Precor c846 Upright Bikes For Sale

Precor C846 Upright bikes are suited for a wide range of users and provide a robust and sturdy design. Ergonomically compliant seating, handlebars, and pedals are the big plus of the reconditioned Precor C846 Upright Exercise Bikes. Its touch-sensitive console (touch-screen panel) is a welcome feature among electronic-enthusiast gym goers. All things considered, this is a great Precor Exercise bike for sale. 

Precor C846 Upright Bikes

Precor C846 Upright Bikes

It offers 14 workout programs for customers. It also provides around 20 levels of   resistance levels to users. The seats, handlebars, and pedals are so very well designed that they can be adjusted to a wide range of your customers. The Belt-Drive mode helps users enjoy a smooth workout session. Unlike a traditional chain, the Poly-V-Belt arrangement calls for  lesser maintenance. The angles and contours of the seat ensure a comfortable seating for your gym customers. The hand-grip sensor, one on each side of the handlebar, monitor the users heart rate while they work out on the C846 Upright Exercise bike.

The crank, being a 3-piece type, helps in tightening and drastically reduces the need to adjust it periodically. The crank arm is so well designed to adjust to any type of ride – standard road pedal or mountain bike pedal. The pedals are larger and are provided with a best mechanism – reversible strap & latch – to aide for easy adjustment.

The dimension of the C846 Upright Exercise bike is 1270 mm (length), 1520 mm (height), 610 mm (width), and weighs 59 Kg. Additionally, C846 Upright bikes are subject to CE, ETL, and FCC regulatory norms and comes with the regulatory approvals.

Having explored the benefits, is it not the right time for you to buy the Precor C846 Upright Exercise bikes for your gym or health club? A few C846 Upright Bikes installed in your gym can help you spike the value proposition of your business in a few days. The C 846 Upright Bikes for Sale in Used Gym Equipment factory are affordable with a renewed look and feel.


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