Precor C846i Recumbent Bikes

Reconditioned Precor C846i Recumbent Bikes For Sale

The Precor C846i Recumbent Bike sports a glossy finish and a beautiful yet sturdy design, perfect for a gym or health club under heavy usage. It employs a ‘belt drive’ system with double step-up drive and features an inbuilt magnetic generator for providing resistance. A three-piece crank system allows for easy tightening of the pedals. With such a crank arrangement, the need for readjustment of the pedals for users is largely reduced.

Precor C846I Recumbent Bikes

Precor C846I Recumbent Bikes

The seat, handlebar, and the pedals of the Precor C846-I Recumbent bikes adhere to the ergonomic standards athus ensuring a stress-free workout for users. The pedals are wider and suit a broad range of users. The reversible strap and latch system available in the pedals allows for better and easy adjustment. Taking all these features into account, it’s one the best refurbished Precor exercise bikes for sale. 

The sensors on the hand grip of the handlebars  monitor the heart rate. Its touch-sensitive (touch-screen) console displays the heart rate of users to maintain their workout at a set safe level. The console provides multiple feedback options to adjust the users workout regimen.

The Precor C846- I recumbent bike’s dimensions are 1524 mm (length) by 1626 mm (height) by 864 mm (width). It weighs approximately 73 Kg.  With such sturdy features in place, the Precor C 846 I Recumbent bikes are in great demand among gym and health club owners all over the United States. Getting a fully operational pre-owned Precor C846 I Recumbent bikes is a challenge, what with its enticing and robust looks! Also, the 846-I Recumbent bikes are popular for their workout efficiency for all leg muscles. This makes this refurbished exercise bike a great cardio option.

Should you require more information about or would like to inspect our re-manufactured Precor C846-I Recumbent bikes, contact us and we will be more than happy to serve you to the best of our ability.


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