Precor Package — $95,000

Precor Package For Sale


PRICE: $95,000




4 x Precor 885 Treadmills w/P80 Console w/ Integ LCD

1 x Precor 885 AMT Elliptical with Integrated LCD

2 x Precor 576i Exp Model Crosstrainers

4 x Precor 885 Recumbent Bike w/P80 Console w/ Integ LCD

4 x Precor 885 Upright Bike w/P80 Console w/ Integ LCD



Precor/Icarian Incline Press w/ Shroud

Precor/Icarian Pec Fly/Rear Delt w/ Shroud

Precor/Icarian Shoulder Press w/ Shroud

Precor/Icarian Lat Raise w/ Shroud

Precor/Icarian Bicep Curl w/ Shroud

Precor/Icarian Triceps Extension w/ Shroud

Precor/Icarian Vertical Row w/ Shroud

Precor/Icarian Abdominal w/ Shroud

Precor/Icarian Back Extension w/ Shroud

Precor/Icarian Prone Leg Curl

Precor/Icarian Glute w/ Shroud

Precor/Icarian Abduction w/ Shroud

Precor/Icarian Adduction w/ Shroud

Precor/Icarian Seated Leg Press w/ Shroud

EWP Smith Machine

45 Degree Leg Press

EWP Half Rack

Flex 8 Station Jungle Gym


Benches & Racks

2 x EWP Pro Style Double Tier Racks

EWP Olympic Flat Bench

EWP Olympic Incline Bench

Precor/Icarian Olympic Military Press

3 x Precor/Icarian Abenches

Precor/Icarian V-Crunch

Precor Icarian VKR

2 x Precor/Icarian 45 Degree Hyper Ext Benches

Precor Icarian Seated Preacher Curl


Weights & Plates

5 x 100lbs Solid Urethane Dumbbells Set

10 x EWP Olym Plate, 45lbs

10 x EWP Olym Plate, 25lbs

10 x EWP Olym Plate, 10lbs

10 x EWP Olym Plate, 5lbs

10 x EWP Olym Plate, 2.5lbs

Founded in 1980, Precor selectorized products have been delivering quality workouts to people looking to improve endurance and build strength, develop and contour physique or get back into shape and lose weight, among other goals. Because of their highly-efficient strength systems, the brand is well-known across gyms worldwide. Here at Used Gym Equipment, you’ll find a wide range of used Precor package for sale such as the refurbished Precor package for sale featured on this page to get for only $95,000, a very low price as compared to packages found on other websites.

Some machines included in the remanufactured Precor package for sale are 885 Treadmills, 885 Upright Bike, Precor 885 Recumbent Bike, Vertical Row, Triceps Extension, Olympic Military Press and Seated Preacher Curl, among others. If you were looking to establish a fitness gym anywhere in the world and are looking to get the best for it, don’t think twice in getting the reconditioned Precor package for sale for it.

Each of the Precor machine included in the reconditioned Precor package for sale is made with independent movement arms for offering a wide range of exercises and recruiting better core activity and has converging/diverging axis for giving handed adjustments from a seated position. In addition to these general features, every Precor machine in this package is made with an 11-gauge strong round steel tubing and frame to keep up with heavy pressure present in any commercial or residential gym. More so, each of them is pre-finished using an electrostatically applied and heat cured powder coating so that they can stay and last for many years. If you would buy the used Precor package for sale from us, you can be sure that these machines work like new, as they are remanufactured, and some of their parts, if necessary, are changed to keep work as if they have just been manufactured.

For your user convenience and safety, especially those who have just started out, they can depend on these machines with their instructional placards printed on each machine so that your members would know how to position themselves properly and how to use the machine correctly for their safety and for effective results in their workouts. Each of the machines is also equipped with rubber feet to make them stay in place no matter how heavy the workout is.

This remanufactured Precor package for sale is also complete with benches and racks, such as the EWP incline bench and Precor Icarian VKR and weights and plates, including five units of 100-pound solid urethane dumbbells and Olympic plates. By buying the refurbished Precor package for sale, you can set up a gym right away, and eventually add used gym machines in our wide range of selections offered.

Used Gym Equipment is your one-stop source of fitness products, including selectorized equipment, plate-loaded systems, benches and racks and weight plates. With us, you can be sure of quality, as we have an experience of more than 20 years in this business and have been supplying commercial and residential gyms with the machines, tools and accessories they need for their fitness facility. Our experts are just a call or email away, so feel free and do not hesitate in getting in touch to talk about any of your requirements.

We cater to businesses of all sizes and tailor our packages based on their budget, specifications and demands. For more information about the remanufactured Precor package for sale, get in touch with us today!

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