Precor Pulldown 304

Precor Pulldown 304 For Sale

Reconditioned Precor Pulldown 304 for Sale is a machine with defined paths of action suitable for all user levels including novices, active grown-ups and longtime gym fanatics. This set is designed to accommodate a wide range of users. It has easy to make adjustments users may make at the comfort of their seat without necessarily moving. Noteworthy about the used Precor Pulldown 304 for Sale is its excellence that allows for the perfect biomechanics making the training more natural and useful. In addition, the set has a thigh and back pad that adjusts from a resting position to ensure accurate configuration with the delineated rotational axis making it more approachable.

Precor Pulldown

Precor Pulldown

TID welding is employed in holding parts of the refurbished Precor Pulldown 304 for Sale to ensure maximum durability. Its frame is made of 11 and 7 gauge steel frame that receives a scratch resistant electrostatic heat-cured powder coat finish for prolonged surface quality. Refurbished Precor Pulldown 304 for Sale has a ratcheting of 1/2” increments that make the seat adjustable with a single hand. Handles are fixed up to maintain a neutral wrist position all through the entire range of action. Further designing aimed at constructing them with diameters that define a particular action for comfortable routines. In addition, these handles the extruded compound from which grips is supported and held in position by use of strong alloy caps.

Used Precor Pulldown 304 for Sale has guide rods made from stainless steel for use with the weight stacks. For reduced resistance while starting of your routine, its movement arms are counter-balanced. The tool is accompanied with optional stack shrouds and rubber feet. For users to uphold a correct arm and wrist position, the machine is fitted with a straight and its edges angled.

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