School Package #1

School Package #1

Children and teenagers have to be physically active in order to become educated of the basic motor skills and physical fitness, involving cardio endurance and muscular strength. Unfortunately in the United States, not many of them could meet the recommended daily activity levels; instead, many fail to exercise but start developing a sedentary lifestyle at a very young age due to poor activity levels. On the other hand, this problem could be solved if physical activities like cardio and strength training can be introduced to them, and for that matter, we offer this School Package #1 for sale, a school gym package composed of cardio and strength trainers aiming to help children and teenagers exercise and establish a healthy lifestyle, which include using exercise machines as part of their workout program.

According to studies, physically fit students can absorb and retain information better than those out of shape, and part of the reason is that healthy children and teenagers are more mentally active and alert enabling them to learn faster and store knowledge more effectively than those who do not exercise at all. If you were looking to improve the education success in your school by helping your students become more active and develop a healthy lifestyle, then this School Package #1 for sale may be the solution you are looking for. Part of this school exercise package is cardio trainers, upright bike, recumbent bike, stair stepper and the Cybex 4-Stack jungle gym for only $10,320.

Each of the machines featured in this School Package #1 for sale is composed of highly effective and efficient, while being space-saving machines from top brands we sell at UGE. They all offer natural movements for simulating real muscle action when moving for function or in sports. Whether athletic and regular students can make use of these training units, as they have customizable settings to accommodate their varying needs and requirements; in fact, they can start with low resistance or high resistance, according to their muscle ability and based on the advice of their physical fitness instructor.

And because these machines, especially the jungle gym is made with heavy-duty structural steel frame and tubing, students and fitness seekers in school can depend on consistent and never-faltering strength of the commercial exercise units. Now for the cardio units, all of them offer the natural feel of walking, running or jogging, but without jarring to the joints and knees. These cardio units can help in providing a total body workout as well as in building lung and heart endurance, but which resistance settings can be modified in order to accommodate a wide range of users with different exercise needs.

At, you can depend on high quality and affordable school training packages that your students and personnel can make use of on a daily basis. Should you need more details about this School Package #1 for sale feel free to get in touch with us and we will get back to you within one business day.

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School Package 1

School Package 1

School Package #1 – $10,320

Cardio Equipment

2 x Star Trac PRO Upright Bike

2 x Star Trac PRO Recumbent Bike

2 x Star Trac PRO Stair Stepper

Strength Equipment

Cybex 4-Stack Jungle Gym

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