School Package #3

School Package #3 values the health of the community. That is why from time to time we offer health club packages, school gym packages and corporate gym packages, to name a few, in order to give our share to the community of helping build a stronger nation, where more productive citizens, especially children, educators and staff in school are, something obvious with our offer in this School Package #3 for sale.

Through the years, we have been helping build a stronger community by offering top-of-the-line training packages with at the lowest prices possible, such as this School Package #3 for sale available for only $66,400. And because we also value your satisfaction we ensure all the machines in this training package are in proper and top working conditions to meet the requirements of your school. Speaking of meeting their demands, check out below for some features and functions of our value package in this page.

This School Package #3 for sale is composed of our best systems meant to working specific muscle groups by conditioning and strengthening them in order to prepare for a sports event or simply to improve their overall function. Some strength lines to get are the dual adjustable pulley cable crossover, Cybex 4-Stack jungle gym, Olympic incline bench, decline bench and flat bench To taking your school population’s overall fitness to the next level, this value School Package #3 for sale comes with the superb Hammer Strength Circuit composed of the incline chest press, chest press and bicep curl, to name a few. In addition to these wonderful sets, this great offer also includes elite cardio trainers from top brands such as Life Fitness and StairMaster, including the Life Fitness 9500 Cross trainer and the Life Fitness 9500 recumbent bikes. Finally, this irresistible package also comes with two (2) units of plate tree with Olympic plates and one (1) unit of two-tier dumbbell rack (dumbbells included).

Our company services elementary to college gyms worldwide and offers them a wide selection when it comes to gym packages. We also cater to clients looking to expand or improve an existing school gym, and one of the best value offers we do have is the School Package #3 for sale, in which each and every machine is remanufactured and not simply serviced. We ensure that the cardio and strength trainers in this package adhere to our rigorous standards from the acquisition to the shipping stage. With our very high standards, happy customers come back to do business with us because we do not only offer them the best value for money, but we also serve to give the highest quality training units as possible, such as this School Package #3 for sale that comes with a complete line of cardio and strength pieces to suit the demands of your school exercisers.

Do not miss this offer to buy for only $66,400 here at the!  For more information about the School Package #3 for sale, feel free to get in touch with us. We will try our best getting back to you within one business day.

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School Package 3

School Package 3

School Package #3 – $66,400

Cardio Equipment

7 x Life Fitness 9500 Crosstrainer

4 x Stairmaster 4400 Stepper

3 x Life Fitness 9500 Recumbent Bikes

3 x Life Fitness 9500 Upright Bikes

Strength Equipment

2 x Dual Adjustable Pully Cable Crossover

1 x Cybex 4-Stack Jungle Gym

1 x Olympic Incline Bench

1 x Olympic Decline Bench

2 x Olympic Flat Bench

8 piece HAMMER STRENGTH Circuit

Chest Press
Incline Chest Press
Decline Chest Press
Ground Base Jammer
Bicep Curl
Leg Extension
Prone Leg Curl

2 x Plate Tree with Olympic Plates

1 x Two Tier Dumbbell Rack with Dumbbells

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