School Package #4

School Package #4

Improving stamina, enhancing flexibility, strengthening and toning muscles and all other benefits associated with exercise should be priority among educational institutions, such as schools. In the process, exercise can help in developing overall mental and physical performance of school kids and teenagers. For this matter, there are school gym equipment and sports equipment for schools intended to training them, as well as your educators and staff efficiently and effectively using cardio and strength systems included in school gym packages UGE offers, and one of which is the School Package #4 for sale. Read on and find out more details about this value package we sell on this page.

The School Package #4 for sale is composed of a complete line of superior used training machines, including cardio, strength and free weights. For cardio training, we include¬† four (4) units of Star Trac Pro treadmill and four (4) units of Cybex arc trainer, as well as recumbent bikes, upright bikes ad indoor rower, while our strength line offers include the 15-pc Cybex exercise circuit, such as those for chest press, pec fly, incline press, multi hip and triceps extension exercises. For free weights, the School Package #4 for sale includes vertical knee raise, barbell rack with barbells and EZ curl bar, to name a few. In this case, setting up your school gym almost in an instant, when a space is set up, is possible. And when you buy this package from us, you’ll save huge amount of money with the value and affordability we provide you with.

How come our reconditioned cardio and strength systems so affordable? Well, we’re the only reliable gym source that acquires gym pieces from commercial gyms and reputable dealers worldwide, and we don’t buy from homes and individuals. With the value we get from the acquisition, we are able to pass it to our customers. That is why we have a wide range of package offers not only for schools but for country clubs, corporate, hotels and other fitness establishments needing reconditioned gym equipment.

And by choosing us to supply your school gym with machines, accessories and machine attachments, among other gym tools and products, you can depend on high quality. Our good reputation of over 20 years makes us the top choice among health clubs, recreation centers and athletics departments in the US and in the world, and for a reason. Our corporate philosophy revolving around service, value and responsibility helps us make excellence a habit so that you can also build a successful gym that your students, faculty and staff will appreciate. With our reconditioned gym products and supplies that also include floorings and mats, dumbbells and barbells, plyometric boxes and all other top of the line attachments, accessories and furnishings, we are also a one-stop destination.

So if you envision getting the most value out of your funds for a school gym, get the School Package #4 for sale for its complete line of selection in cardio, strength and free weights. Never would you have to look any further because the is here for you.

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School Package 4

School Package 4

School Package #4 – $85,000

Cardio Equipment

4 x Star Trac Pro Treadmill

4 x Cybex Arc Trainer

2 x Life Fitness Recumbent Bikes

2 x Life Fitness Upright Bikes

4 x Concept 2 Indoor Rower

Strength Equipment

Cybex 15pc Circuit:

Cybex Chest Press
Cybex Incline Press
Cybex Pec Fly
Cybex Shoulder Press
Cybex Lat Pulldown
Cybex Seated Row
Cybex Abdominal
Cybex Back Extension
Cybex Bicep Curl
Cybex Triceps Extension
Cybex Seated Dip
Cybex Multi-Hip
Cybex Prone Leg Curl
Cybex Leg Extension
Cybex Horizontal Leg Press

1 x Cybex Smith Press

1 x Cybex 45 degree Leg Press

1 x Cybex Hack Squat

2 x Olympic Flat Bench

1 x Olympic Incline Bench

1 x Olympic Decline Bench

1 x Olympic Military Bench

2 x 0-90 degree Bench

2 x Decline Adjustable Bench

1 x 90 degree Seat

1 x Hyperextension

1 x Seated Preacher Curl

1 x Vertical Knee Raise

1 x Two Tier Dumbbell Rack with Dumbbells

1 x Barbell Rack with Barbells

1 x Plate Tree with Olympic Plates

2 x Olympic Bar

2 x Olympic EZ Curl Bar

4 x Spring Collars

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