StairMaster 7000PT, Silver Face — 4 Units For $11,180

StairMaster 7000PT, Silver Face

PRICE: Buy 4 Units for $11,180

Generally, this used Stairmaster 7000PT, Silver Face for sale comes with a revolving staircase mimicking real stair climbing and stepping movements and that can vary in speed simulating walking or even going up to a stair flight. This new version offers users an advanced display console, which lets them see exactly what and how they are doing and has a program assortment for letting them target and reach their goals by adjusting the machine’s speed.

With the remanufactured Stairmaster 7000PT, Silver Face for sale, users can achieve their workout goals that they can get from a treadmill, while also getting superior lower body workouts, including for their heart, lungs and muscles without stressing their joints. Now, you can make use of this stair climber that mimics the feel of real stair, but in your home or fitness center. Take note, though, that this machine requires a ceiling of at least 10 feet in height.

Coming with a modern design and sleek appearance, the refurbished Stairmaster 7000PT, Silver Face for sale is created for that ultimate cardio experience providing the best lower body workouts to users from all levels, starting from beginners to advance. It comes with a patented revolving staircase giving that natural stair climbing feel with its 8-inch tall stair steps and has an adjustment setting from 24 to 162 steps per minute, six programs and 20 resistance levels. Users can make use of this Stairmaster 7000PT very conveniently for its easy-to-read LCD display for monitoring workout progress and reading rack, accessory tray and bottle holder for added convenience.

It offers six built-in workout options, namely, the manual, quick start, fat burner, speed intervals, calorie burner and heart rate zone trainer. For every fitness enthusiast, the reconditioned Stairmaster 7000PT, Silver Face for sale also offers a fitness test gauging individual progress, together with a CPAT or custom firefighter test. It also has a polar-compatible telemetry heart rate display and a user weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. This machine has measurements of 29 x 78 x 50 inches (WHD), a height of 10 feet and weight of 409 pounds. Other significant features include an electronically-controlled alternator that has a chain drive for correct controlling of the pedal descent so that users can exercise within their comfort zones, while keeping themselves focused.

Used Gym Equipment remanufactured the used Stairmaster 7000PT, Silver Face for sale to work like new so that gym owners can get their maximum return of investment for buying from us. From the acquisition to the reconditioning process, every step of the way is made right. For quality you can count on for remanufactured Stairmaster 7000PT, Silver Face for sale, you can get in touch with us at UGE. We also offer discounts for bulk buying, so this is your chance to furnish your center with several stair climbers at the lowest prices possible.

StairMaster is an Oklahoma-based fitness company offering a wide range of product lines, including this stair trainer, one of the first machines that transformed gyms into modern fitness venues. If you are looking to get the best stair climber for your center or your home without spending big amount of money, you can consider buying the reconditioned Stairmaster 7000PT, Silver Face for sale for its superb features and functions that work for every trainee there is.

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