Star Trac 4500 Treadmills

Star Trac 4500 Treadmills For Sale

The Star Trac 4500 Treadmill is a favorite among gym owners and their valued customers. With its state-of-the-art Sport Utility Display, you can hold your drink, set down our iPod, and lay your favorite book or magazine, all at the same time. But that’s not all: The sleek, high-tech display will also tell you your workout statistics like heart-rate, average and top speeds, incline degree, calories burnt, laps run, and workout programs.

Star Trac 4500 Treadmills

Star Trac 4500 Treadmills

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And there’s plenty of technology is the design, too. The easy-to-use Quick Start system is perfect for the casual gym-goer who just wants to workout without any hassles. And for the more advanced user, there are hundreds of workout and training programs of varying difficulty and duration, from easy to intense. There’s also a soft, wide, shock-absorbing running deck, which cushions the joints and protects feet, ankles, knees, and hips from common running injuries.


What’s more, this Star Trac 4500 treadmill will have your staff loving you, as it encourages clients to work with personal trainers to maximize their potential and surpass their fitness goals. With the patented Personal Trainer Studio system, personal trainers can customize workouts to your clients’ needs, allowing for one-on-one workouts and happy, satisfied customers.


And there’s also another consideration when buying a used Star Trac Treadmill. Dependability. Star Trac is known as a reliable brand in the fitenss industry. Their machines are built to last. So if you’re hoping to open a gym and lower your overhead, then a used Star Trac Treadmill for sale here is right for you!

The Star Trac 4500 treadmill: Buy one today, and you’ll leave the competition in the dust.


Easy-to-use Quick Start system

Many pre-set programs and training routines

ACSM WalkFit Test included

Customizable Personal Trainer Studio, to keep customers happy

Patented Impact Absorption System®

Two large, easy-to-access Stop buttons

Soft start at zero

Low step-up height

Sleek full-length handrails

Polar Telemetry system

Heart Rate Control system

Convenient, large holders

2.5 horsepower motor

Dimensions: 33 inches by 81 inches

Weight: 284 pounds

Running Surface: 20 inches by 62 inches

Speed: 0.5 to 10 miles per hour

Incline: 0 to 15 percent

Maximum Weight: 350 pounds

Frame: Custom Aluminum Uni-frame

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